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 If KND was a live-action film Father
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If Kids 次 Door was a live-action film, Father will have to be played によって James Franco who played Franco on the ABC Daytime Soap opera General Hospital. Father is still the main villain because he had the Delightful Children in his flashback.
codename kids 次 door
kids 次 door
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This Codename: Kids 次 Door 写真 contains スーツ, ビジネス スーツ, 服のスーツ, スーツ, 洋服, and ピンストライプ. There might also be シングルブレストスーツ, シングル ブレストのスーツ, 判士, 弁護士を裁く, 判事, たるみスーツ, スラックスーツ, and 余裕のスーツ.

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Chapter 6
Now that Kuki was gone, they needed ANOTHER back-up player. So Emma finally agreed.
"Alright team!" Kacey 発言しました at practice. "After this, we have one もっと見る game to decide who wins!"
"Yes! It's totally gonna be us!" David said. "I can feel it."
"Sure..." Christian said.
"OK, let's go!" Emma said. She and Abby began hitting balls back and forth.
"Hey, Wally?" Raleigh asked. "You OK?"
Wally was sitting on the sidewalk, a piece of paper in his hand. He sighed, then looked up.
"Ya, ya. I'm fine." He said.
"Well, then, c'mon, we're practicing." Raleigh pointed over to the team. Megan pitched...
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Chapter 5
"Hustle, hustle, hustle!" Wally yelled at the team. They were in pairs of two tossing a baseball to their partner.
"Dude, we've hustled for two hours already!" Christian sighed, passing the ball to David. "Can't we stop?"
"No! I'm destined to beat this poser!" Wally yelled. "Besides, we didn't work hard enough last time!"
Everyone stopped what they were doing. Both Raleigh and Kiki were hit with baseballs.
"What are あなた talking about, Sparkle Butt?" Abby asked.
"We sweat enough to fill a swimming pool!" David yelled.
"Just go back to 'hustling'! I wanna see あなた sweating enough to...
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Chapter 4
(Warning, word 'hell' used) "Alrighty! Welcome to the first game of the Hyenas vs. the Tornados! I'm Chet Ubetcha (from Fairly Odd Parents lol Did あなた know there's gonna be a live-action movie this year? I'M SO HAPPEH RITE NOW. TIMMY'S GONNA BE PLAYED によって ドレイク, ドレーク BELL. OMIGAWD) and this game, is gonna be great!" Chet said.
"OK, let's do this." Wally said. Everyone put their hands together. Then shouted "YA-HA-HA!"
Sak's team went out there. They were pitching first. Sak was the pitcher. He drank some Gatorade, then stepped on the pitcher's mound.
Kacey, like always, was first up to bat....
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When their plane landed, the team was attacked によって the press. They had Kiki scream a few times, and they left. They got in a limo, and were driven to the Sports Nation studio.
“We really get to be on TV?” Megan asked.
“Yes, but I’m not.” Emma said.
“You’re camera shy, I remember.” Kacey said.
“Well, we’re almost late for our interview.” Raleigh said.
“C’mon, Wally!” Kuki said, grabbing Wally’s hand.
In the studio, the kids were amazed. They were greeted によって Sally, a girl who works there.
“Hey, kids!” Sally said. “Are あなた here for a field trip?”
Emma handed...
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Numbuh 4 was practicing for the game on Saturday. It was a Kacey's house, cuz if it weren't for Kacey, none of these people would know each other. He had his whole team. He began pitching balls to Kacey.
Three out of four home-runs.
“Wow, even I can’t do that well.” Wally would always tell her.
Wally threw one to David. Ouch.
It hid Wally in the head.
“Are あなた OK?” David went up to Wally.
“I’m fine, except for this BIG BRUISE ON MY HEAD!” Wally yelled.
Then, he threw one to Christian. It went far.
Same thing for Megan, Hoagie, Raleigh, Kiki, and Abby.
Then, it was Wally’s...
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When Christian dropped the three in the room, David cussed under his breath.
“Welcome to the club.” Kacey said, tied up to Raleigh.
Mitchell tied David to Kiki and Emma.
“Great!” David said. “How jittery! What a jittery day!”
“SHUT UP!” Emma said.
“Ya, we’re all trapped here によって those little people who we met at that carnival last summer.” Kiki said. “So, if we stay calm, we can get outta here.”
“Wally told me how he got out from these goons.” Kacey said. He hopped down stairs and the chair he was tied to broke.”
“Ya, perfect! Except we’re not tied to chairs,...
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Wally and Kuki had been walking around the house for a while. Wally was hoping he could キッス Kuki again. He hadn’t worked up enough courage to ask if they could キッス again. Kuki didn’t talk either. She was just looking down, kinda sad. Wally wondered if she was sad about the kiss. He got worried.
“What’s wrong?” Wally asked.
“Nothing.” Kuki said, a tear rolling down her cheek.
Wally took a deep breath. “You’re not upset about our kiss, are you?”
Kuki gently smiled. “No, not at all. In fact, I loved it. It’s just…”
She almost teared up again.
“You don’t wanna...
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Operation: H.O.S.T.O.G.E.


Megan entered the gymnasiun. It reeked of sweat and Axe Body Spray. Limp red and ピンク streamers were hung acrost the bleachers. Large wilted paper hearts hung on the walls. Luke warm チェリー Kool-Aid in a パンチ bowl and half baked クッキー in the shapes of L, O, V, and E. were on plates atop a レース covered red card table. A Taylor 迅速, スウィフト 愛 song driffted from the P.A. system. It was your basic Middle School Valentines 日 dance. Girls were clustered in groups on one side of the gym. Boys littered the other side. Megan...
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Emma didn’t enjoy having to add David to their group since his partner was possessed. But she sighed.
Then, David’s communicator went off. Emma kind of recognized the ringtone. She had no idea how she knew, but it was the Fable theme. (I’ll explain this game later)
“What?” David answered.
“It’s a text, Smart One.” Kiki pointed out.
“Oh.” David checked his messages.
A text from Wally. It said. I DID IT! David frowned. What the fluff was this?
“What is it?” Kiki asked curiously.
“IDK, but it seems suspicious.”
“Maybe he means he finally completed a serum to make...
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