St. Elizabeth of Hungary
Hi guys, since tomorrow we are going to celebrate the birth of ジーザス Christ, I'm going to write down a 一覧 of my favourite saints. Ready?

1. St. Elisabeth of Hungary

Born a Hungarian princess, she was betrothed to Grand Duke Louis of Thuringia to secure a political ties with Germany and Hungary. She sympathised the poor outside her 城 and sadly to say, she died at the age of 24 and was canonised a few years later.

2. St. Francis of Assisi

When I first watch bits of Stigmata, I did a little research of it and I found out that it is associated with St. Francis, I was fortunate to see the 1961 biopic of the young saint and his life.

3. St Wenceslas of Bohemia

Yes, the Good King Wenceslas of the famous クリスマス carol, I was very blessed to go to Prague, Czech Republic and that was when I know もっと見る about him. The Wenceslas Square is also the site of the peaceful Velvet Revolution, it's also attracts millions of tourists everywhere! Are あなた going to sing this for your caroling this year?

4. Joan of Arc

I saw a movie about her with Mila Jovovich portraying her, and I would 愛 to visit France, especially seeing her town where she was born to get to know her better apart from her serving in the army to chase the English out of France.

5. St. Thomas Beckett

He was an ally of King Henry until Thomas became loyal to the church that his relationship with Henry was soured, when 4 knights heard the King saying 'Will No One Rid me of this Troublesome Priest' in this drunken stupor, they took this as an order and slew the priest in the church. Thus being canonised upon witnessing many miracles!

Have a Blessed Merry Christmas!

So, let's celebrate によって not only remembering ジーザス Christ, including his servants on earth!
St. Francis of Assisi
Good King Wenceslas
Joan of Arc
St. Thomas Beckett of Cantebury