So many people have lists of their 'most beautiful' または 'prettiest' heroines, so I thought (being the villain ファン that I am) why not do one about villainesses? Keep in mind this 記事 is just my opinion about the appearance of the characters. I'm not trying to say anything about how good they are as a character, nor do I care if あなた disagree with my opinion.

10. Maleficent (sleeping beauty ):

She's an interesting mix of classic and untraditional beauty. あなた wouldn't think that someone with horns on their head and green skin would be beautiful, let only elegant; yet somehow she pulls it off.

9. Cruella De Vil (101 dalmatians):

Yeah, yeah, I know, あなた all think she's butt ugly. Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I think she's gorgeous! lol Much like Megara, I've always loved her sharp, exaggerated features, and I think she has a lot of elegance to her. I know, she's not a traditional beauty, によって any stretch of the imagination, but I still find her very attractive.

8. Eris (sinbad: legend of the seven seas) :

Of course there's nothing natural Eris' looks, since she is after all a goddess, but that only adds to her beauty. Her coloring, her shape, her movement is spot on; I especially 愛 her hair. Everything about her, just screams beauty and deity.

7. Vannessa (the little mermaid):

Vannessa is definitely もっと見る of a traditional beauty than the others so far on the list. She was obviously designed to look a lot like a certain ディズニー Princess, with a little added sexiness.

6. Evil クイーン (snow white and the seven dwarfs):

On to the 秒 fairest, または in my opinion, fairest in the land. Yeah I've always thought she was even prettier than Snow White. While Snow White has a innocent, childish beauty to her, the Evil クイーン has a mature, elegant and sexy beauty, which generally appeals もっと見る to me.

5. CatWoman (batman: the animated series):

The first modern beauty on the list. In costume または as a civilian, Salian Kyla is gorgeous. Her coloring, her hair, her body is all breath taking, I especially 愛 her eyes.

4. Karai (teenage mutant ninja turtles)

Another modern beauty and one of the youngest on the list. She's one of the few teenagers here and has a もっと見る youthful look than many of the others, yet she doesn't look like your run of the mill animated teenager. She manages have harsher look to her, mostly によって her sharply cut hair and facial expressions, that doesn't detract from her youthfulness.
Note: The following three are not just my three prettiest villiannesses; they're my three most beautiful animated woman Period!

3. Azlua (avatar: the last airbender)

Another stunning young villainess. Despite having softer features, similar to those seen on heroines, Azlua still has a very unique look. All of her features are beautiful, I particularly 愛 the color of her eyes.

2. Poison Ivy (batman: the animated series)

Poison Ivy is a very natural beauty, there's absolutely nothing artificial about her looks. Her red hair against her pale skin is just stunning. She also manages be very sexy and seductive, which is mostly accomplished によって her behavior.

1. Carmen Sandiego (where on earth is carmen sandiego)

Absolutely everything is perfect about this woman! Everything from the shape of her face, to her facial features, to her hair, to her coloring, to her body is stunning! Some might complain that her face is partly covered, but to me that just adds to her mystery and beauty.