So I've been lately into classic mythology and literature all of a sudden and I thought it'd be a good idea to see 人気 characters from animated 映画 matched up to characters from greek mythology.

Obviously i won't be using any characters from Hercules, since that would be easy, and it's もっと見る fun to see comparisons with different things. I wanted to make it balanced and add also non-Disney, but it was a little difficult. I hope this match up is good, and tell me if あなた have some suggestions for some characters i didn't choose または matches あなた think fit better.

Sooo, let's get started.

1) Zeus- King Fergus (Brave)

The leader of the gods with the charismatic king from Brave. it wasn't that hard to find a good match up since Zeus stands out as this boisterous party loving king, similar to how Fergus isn't as strict as other animated kings/fathers. Of course, he's quite loyal to his beloved Elinor, unlike Zeus with Hera, but they share some similarities as being kings who prefer partying over work and can spoil some of their children.

2) Poseidon- King Triton (The Little Mermaid)

This one speaks for itself. I think even Triton is descendant of the true Poseidon? I'm not sure, but I swear the Trident is the legit thing.

3) Hades - The Horned King (The Black Cauldron)

Yes, I know original Hades isn't a villain, but the King fits well. Hades was the God of the Dead, and the Horned King is, well, an animated corpse. He lives in a dark gloomy cave-like 城 and he's surrounded によって dead, the Army of the Dead, the Cauldron Born...So he fits for the aesthetic and also, it's 安全, 安全です to say that originally the two weren't very 人気 in their circles (the old greeks couldn't stand Hades, and the Horned King was never that 人気 in the ディズニー Villains Pantheon).

Hestia- Chicha (The Emperor's New Groove)

Goddess of the ホーム and the hearth. Chicha is a very "homely" woman and very dedicated to her family, so I think it's a good fit.

Hera- The Evil クイーン (Snow White)

This was hard, considering Hera is kinda complex as a goddess, she's villainous and insanely jealous of any woman that Zeus pursues, but when she can, she can also be a fair goddess. The Evil クイーン fits her insane psychopathic part, but if we were to put in her good side, I guess クイーン Elinor would be a good fit.

Demeter- Miriam (The Prince of Egypt)

The goddess of the harvest and fertility. Maybe it's not the best choice (Unholynoise, some help here?), but I can see Miriam caring about agriculture and probably she was forced to work in the fields as well. Yet I also see it as how the Jewish people garnered all the good foods and where in 検索 of the land of ミルク and honey, lots of good 食 i presume there (Don't quote me on this, tbh, I need to reread my Bible history). And I can see her being motherly like Demeter considering she's so protective of Aaron and Moses.

Apollo- Hans (Frozen)

Apollo was the sun god, and sorta of a "talented" man. He was beautiful and talented in all the arts, yet most of his relationships went to hell. I suppose that works well with Hans, who presents himself as the ideal gentleman but incidentally his relationship with Anna is what falls flat in his face.

Ares- Ramses (The Prince of Egypt)

Ares is the god of war, masculine and aggressive, but I had a hard time picking a good choice for him since while there are a lot of animated ヒーローズ who are "warriors", not many of them fit well the Ares aspect (aggressive and such- maybe Gaston would've been a good fit but he's hard to take seriously). I choose Ramses since as the movie progresses his decisions turn much もっと見る ruthless and aggressive in contrast to his brother's much もっと見る peaceful initial solutions. "Never mind how high the cost may grow, I will never let your people go." He's basically signing his people's own death here.

Aphrodite- Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)

Of course, almost every animated heroine out there is described as "beautiful", but I would've chosen a character that describes the aspect of beauty もっと見る than the others. Not only beauty, but sex as well. Aphrodite was linked to sex as well as love, and she could be seen as a typical teen rebel if we analyzed most of her adventures through modern lenses. I think Jessica fits well the aspect of 愛 and beauty and sex that Venus represents. Not to mention, the whole thing of Hephaestus fits also very well. Hephaestus was Aphrodite's husband, but she often cheated on him with other men. Kinda like how in the movie it's initially thought that Jessica might be cheating on Roger mostly based on the fact that she's "sexy" and insert here misconceptions about sexual women. But unlike Aphrodite, Jess is loyal to her bunny.

Artemis- Kida (Atlantis the ロスト Empire)

Goddess of the hunt, Kida is a princess who hunts and fights, and she's also quite knowledgeable, like a goddess should. Yeah, quite easy.

Athena- ムーラン

A wise woman who commands in battle and fights. ムーラン is a fighter and she's also quite a thinker, so think it fits well. It's kinda good that they made her both, because it's much better in your battle strategy to KNOW what you're doing over just charging in battle with a sword not knowing what else to do than just stab whoever あなた see in front of you.

Dionysus- Miguel (Road to El Dorado)

A partygoer, generally laid-back, into festivities and relaxing. I could've gone also for Naveen, but I wanted to add もっと見る Non-Disney options.

Hephaestus- Quasimodo (Hunchback of notre Dame)

A handicapped crafter. Quasi obviously has his hunched back, and also he's shown to be quite crafty with his wooden ドール and it's suggested he also fixes the bells, so it fits with Hephaestus being a smith as well. Also, あなた can't forget the comparison of both loving a woman who doesn't 愛 him back. (Aphrodite again)

Hermes- Schmendrick (The Last Unicorn)

The messenger of the gods, Hermes is もっと見る of his own person than being a "proper" god. I think it kinda works with Schmendrick who just considers himself apart from the "heroes" of the story.

Other characters who aren't part of the "main" pantheon, but still important to add:

Herakles- Tarzan

Hmm not the best choice, but I couldn't think somebody who would fit well Heracles' story (which is quite different from Disney's Hercules)

Medusa- Elsa (Frozen)

Tortured young woman with powers that hurt others and she can't control, and she's hounded によって others that believe her to be a horrible monster....Yeah it fits well.

Persephone- The Lady Amalthea (The Last Unicorn)

Biased, and no I didn't try to fit my OTP in this, but it fits well. Persephone is the goddess of spring, and once she leaves the world everything turns to winter. ユニコーン in the Last Unicorn carry the touch of spring, helping 動物 and plants nurture under their care, and once they're captured the world turns into a barren wasteland. Persephone's captured and sent to the underworld, and Amalthea's climax of her story occurs in an underground cave and her main antagonist is a king that's related to death in everything (design, name, lair).

Selene- Odette (The 白鳥, スワン Princess)

Goddess of the moon, but I think fits her well since the spell she's under happens under the moonlight, and she kinda fits into the aesthetic of the moon/night- she's colder in looks and color palette than say, heroines that look much warmer (like, say, アナスタシア または Ariel).

Narcissus- Kuzco (The Emperor's New Groove)

The guy is full of himself and he received a lot of good education considering he was the Emperor, so it fits well with the myths of Narcissus.

Cerberus- The Red ブル (The Last Unicorn)

Both are creatures that work with a lord that's related to the dead, and it works that both creatures live in the "bowels" of the world/castle.

Nyx- Emily (The Corpse Bride)

Goddess of the Night, Emily is always seen in the moonlight, and like the night, she can be both beautiful and scary...Meh.

Helen of Troy- Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

The most beautiful woman described in their stories, and all the plot of their stories occur due to men going mad for them and even starting wars for them.

Cassandra- Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

I could've also chosen Arachne, but Arachne was very proud, something that humble Sally isn't that much (she would never bet against a picky god). But Cassie fits her well, since both have premonitions about the future yet they're never heard and taken into consideration until it's too late.

Hemera- Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

"Yes, she was named after the dawn, for she filled their lives with sunlight."

Eris- Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)

Goddess of Discord y'all.

Iris- Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Not the most fitting pick maybe, but I 愛 Iris so I had to add her here. Iris was known as the communicator between humans and gods, and I think that works well with Ariel and her relation between the humans and the merpeople.

Got any suggestions? Feel free to add! there's so many interesting myths and characters and we could spend all 日 adding もっと見る and more.

I'm thinking of also doing a series of this, comparing animated characters to ones of classic mythology または literature (Shakespare, anyone?). Feel free to tell me if you're interested.