I like animated movies... a lot. And whenever looking my お気に入り 映画 EVER they do happen to pop up a lot. But sometimes it's hard to remember that the world of アニメーション isn't dominated によって ディズニー and it's nice to remember 映画 I enjoyed that didn't have a big name behind them so here I am to share some animated 映画 I 愛 that are not connected to the biggest names in アニメーション namely Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks and Studio Ghibli. also I am going to avoid 映画 that あなた had to see a TV 表示する または アニメ to fully appreciate it so alas I must say sorry to "Kim Possible a stich in time" and "Gintama the 秒 movie" (while they weren't in my 上, ページのトップへ 20 I am sorry that those 映画 won't be getting any attention at all in this article.)

{Number 20} Pilgrim's progress 1978

Did anyone else watch like old VHS カートゥーン over and over as kids? because I did and on one of the tapes was the Pilgrim's progress in Spanish and in English back to back. and I loved it. The artstyle, which dates it pretty well, still appeals to me, I find the songs soothing, Faithful was one of my first crushes and also the one who taught me YES SOMETIMES YOUR FAVES WILL DIE!!, it does have some of that good old "kids can take some scares" with the demons being scary as heck, but I just found the designs fascinating, pretty cliché but still done well. I still enjoy this one.

{Number 19} Tales of the night

This is less of a movie and もっと見る of a collection of short fairy tales told によって a man and two younger people in an old theatre just creating stories with each other. something really cool about this one is that the アニメーション is done in shadow style, AKA just like shadow puppets. That doesn't mean it can't be detailed または is lazy, in fact the shadow アニメーション (IDK what it's actually called so I'll go with this) is impressive and interesting to watch. The stories are like classic fables または fairy tales and great to watch especially since I'm a big fairy tale fan.

{Number 18} El cid la leyenda

Rodrigo is the right hand man of the king and after a wrongful accusation he loses the trust of the kingdom and the 愛 of his...love, the beautiful JImena. This is the story of his plight as this accusation sends him on the run and trying to clear his good name.
The joys of knowing Spanish! especially since I 愛 this film, the アニメーション is good, the characters are memorable, and although the fast pace clutters the plot a bit, it just makes the film that much もっと見る fun to watch.

{Number 17}Snow クイーン 1957

GUYS! watch this, it is gorgeous, it follows the story, it feels classic, with a wonderful voice for our beautiful snow クイーン (who just has the grace of an actual クイーン so XD), Gerda makes あなた want to cheer for her and the little robber girl is the cutest thing that ever lived. just AH! want to eat this movie up.

{Number 16} Jack and the cuckoo clock heart

Once there was a boy who had a cuckoo clock ハート, 心 implanted to save his life and 与えられた three rules so that the clock would keep running

This film is pretty dark and cruel, especially when it comes to the bully but I couldn't help but stay fascinated all the way through, maybe it was the 音楽 (probably the 3 rules song keeping it's magic on me, I was obviously under a spell guys), maybe it was the pure and earnest way he pined for his love, the animation? (though those bobble heads do bother me), I honestly don't know but no matter how mean spirited it got I was also drawn in to the odd world and tragedy of what was going on, there was a dark magic afoot and it kept me もっと見る interested that I thought it would.

{Number 15} American Tail: Feivel goes west

Feivel Feivel goes to the west when a cat con artist convinces his family that there it's the best and I have no problems watching it, I think it's funny, I like the song Tanya sings, I think it's pretty solid in terms of plot and I just think its really really watchable (sadly I have it on VHS and our VHS is broken..)

{Number 14} Metropolis

The story of a robot girl on the run with a boy, in a corrupt city on the verge of falling apart, and I'm coming up with a blank on what I should say. The art style is reminiscent of astro boy which makes sense since the 作者 of that is the one who made this and I just 愛 the end scene where a song I would have never thought to put together with what was going on makes one of the most memorable endings to a movie I have seen. I don't know what possessed the person to put that song there but it worked freaking great.

{Number 13} Boxtrolls

Say hello to the boxtrolls! A wonderful gang of creatures who are unfortunately persecuted due to a wrongful accusation that they killed a human and thus are dangerous overall. We follow Eggs, a fellow boxtroll, who is determined to save his buddies! This film is so cute...in a dirty kinda way. There is dirt everywhere and our main heroine is an odd little girl with an obsession with gore, but the film is still just so cute to watch. Eggs is so nice and our heroine is memorable in how quirky she is. just such a nice cute movie.

{Number 12} The girl who leapt through time

After accidently gaining the power to leap through time our main heroine decides to use it to her advantage to help her life in bitty ways. Honestly this director is one to look out for because his 映画 are very well animated and heartfelt and I feel like his first movie is one of the best, while I don't feel the romance was done quite as good as it should have been I overlook it because of how well done the rest is. the characters are so likable, talking and feeling like real people. I just really like this one.

{Number 11} Summer wars

I really hate that this is gonna be a key phrase but AH!! this movie was sooooo fun! pretending to be girlfriend and boyfriend, off goes math nerd with his crush to meet her family, a lovely bunch of people, when he accidently sends the codes for the virus LOVEMACHINE to spread chaos to the world of OZ, an online platform that basically controls the real world. and its up to our misfits to save the world...with math and games. The family is likable despite not being especially developed, the アニメーション is colorful and fluid to make for an exciting heartfelt movie.

{Number 10} Coraline

Because sleep is for the weak I present to あなた the children's movie with a villain so scary it scared the parents in the audience and the first of LAIKA's work and I hope they continue since the stop-motion アニメーション is impressive, the story wonderfully adapted, and deliciously scary. My brother's think I'm crazy for liking it but this movie is just so great!!

{Number 9} Iron Giant

Honestly... I think あなた all know this one. It's really fun movie about a boy and his robot, with heartfelt moments, DEAN!!, and just 全体, 全体的です solidness as a movie.

{Number 8} Hal

After Hal dies in an airplane accident his girlfriend falls into depression and a concerned third party decided to have a robot who looks like Hal made to help her 移動する on.

AH! I 愛 this movie. Great characters, great relationship between the two, and paced just right. I just 愛 how natural it feels when things are revealed about who Hal was and his relationship to Kurumi was. The twist is something I have mixed feelings about but whatever. Hal is a darling, both the character and the movie.

{Number 7} Song of the sea

Once upon a time Ben's mother disappears, leaving him only with the promise he gave her to take care of his sister. A few years later we see he's not really interested in keeping his promise as he sees his sister as the reason his mother is gone and a general annoyance.
But after an event causes their aunt to take them away from their home, they attempt to journey back together while around them magic starts to awaken and recover his sister who to his surprise is a little もっと見る than he gave her credit for.

Dang guys this is just stunning artwork. If you've seen Secret of Kells I highly recommend あなた also give this a shot. Stunning, with a great relationship between the siblings, a sense of awe at the magical parts, and a tight knit story. I felt like I was watching a classic and I hope it becomes one since it is amazing. Words fail me.

{Number 6} Bungaku Shoujo

Our main character used to be a writer, having written professionally a really 人気 girl's book. Sadly that's the only thing he ever wrote again due to an incident in the past which made him shy away from the 書く gig. After meeting Amano, AKA the Book girl, he starts 書く again and all is well until he runs into a childhood friend who had attempted suicide which he had been a witness to and feels responsible for. That is where she comes in and steals the show. The biggest strength is this girl and how she ticks. She's very manipulative in how she uses guilt and the main's feelings to keep him near her. The movie's bulk is his フレンズ trying to break this relationship as they see it as very unhealthy for him.
What I 愛 about the movie is that it doesn't leave her as just a one note character but does its best to explain how she ended up like this and why her relationship to the main matters so much to her, all without justifying her actions. She's still doing something very wrong but the movie lets あなた know why and that's just fascinating to watch. Sadly as she does steal the 表示する that doesn't leave much for the other characters to shine, not that they're horrible but just don't get the time they need to be solid especially since this is called the book girl and she gets about 5 分 at the beginning, some scenes here and there and then the finale is hers. The conclusion is a bit too clean too but I don't mind since the whole movie did it's best to lead あなた to it and time is a horrid thing to work with. But for it's flaws the rest of the film is just engrossing and I desperately want to own a copy.

{Number 5} Book of life

I don't know I just really enjoyed this movie, it's real fun with some interesting designs, a lot of あなた already know about it so it's hard to say anything else except I liked watching it. I'm sure you've already heard the scoffs at the simple plot and complaints against "strong independent" Maria but this movie's a lot of fun and there's nothing wrong with that. (and la muerte is gorgeous)

{Number 4} ピアノ no mori

Our main character moves out somewhere for a ピアノ competition and what do あなた know his first 日 at school he runs across some bullies who dare him to go into the forest to try and play the broken ピアノ there to prove his courage. Why is this a test of courage? Since that supposedly broken ピアノ can be heard playing at nighttime. He meets a kid named Kai and the story goes from there. There's something very simple about this story, since there aren't any real big twists, but in it's simplicity it works. The friendship between the two mains is really nice since despite going yin/yang on us that's not the focus. I like their interactions since despite being so different they get along swimmingly, and when they do fight over their differences it's not treated as a gimmick but as moments to knit them together によって understanding those differences and respecting them. The アニメーション is really nice, likable characters, and it's a nice watch i just enjoyed terribly. :)

{Number 3} Nerawareta Gakuen

This movie is a glorious mess. There are about 3 plots going on, one is the story of the students having to reconcile with the school banning cell phone use, another is the 愛 story between two childhood friends, and the other of a time traveler on vacation または maybe he has another reason 焦げ茶色, ダン, dun 焦げ茶色, ダン, dun dun. The movie leaves with a sense of "what the heck just happened?" so why do I like it? For one thing the アニメーション is gorgeous and I am a sucker for it. The other is the pace which is kinda slow but in a way that's inviting あなた to get into the world before you, letting あなた have the time to connect with the characters while promising to also connect these stories in a reasonable fashion... it doesn't but the pace is very nice and lets あなた relax into it. The characters aren't all that amazing but they pass, with the exception of Kyogoku, the time traveler who is the one who makes あなた believe that there is a genuine friendship and connection between the four mains によって being the most charismatic nice guy ever. 全体, 全体的です it has some major flaws but I let them go since I like watching it as a relax movie.

{ Number 2 } Thumbelina

This movie...is not considered a good movie...by many. The plot holes, the songs, and the characters just have so many people saying "no thank you!" But personally? I 愛 all those things!

This movie adaptation of the little girl no bigger than a thumb trying to find her way ホーム (while stupid birds fly around giving her useless encouragement DX) is one I can't find the ハート, 心 within me to take shots at. Everything that's wrong with the plot (minus the stupid birds) actually stems from accuracy to the original tale. Thumbelina herself is the biggest pessimist in the world and I'm sorry I find her adorable, like a little puddleglum with the cutest smile. The アニメーション is gorgeous, I actually like 歌う along to the songs (once there was the sun is magical), and though it falls for the insta-love trope I find Cornelius x Thumbelina adorable. That's actually my view on the whole film. Adorable. and I have no problem popping in this movie for viewing again and again.

{ Number 1 } The Garden of words

When Takao seeks shelter from the rain he stumbles upon Yukari, a woman who also is there and they end up building a kind of friendship as they both are trying to overcome some obstacles that stand in their life.

This movie... is so important to me. I have honestly never felt so connected to a character than I have Yukari and this movie brings me to tears every time. There's something so relatable about the struggles the characters are going through and they're very likable. The story itself is compact and focused, not relying on anything else but these two people and what they're going through and it really works. 上, ページのトップへ that with gorgeous アニメーション and it's a heartfelt experience that I highly recommend.

So do あなた guys have any non/D/D/P/G 映画 あなた like a lot?

Thank あなた for reading!