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こんにちは Boo's I'm Shari. I'm currently 16 years old. My passion is Modeling, Pageants & sometimes I like to do hair. Yes I'm a lil Foreign, I'm Black/Asian/Native American. I have a 子犬 he so spoiled smh. My fav 食 is ピザ & for some reason I 愛 spicy 食 <3. I'm an honor student and take Ap. I like to be around playful & not uptight people. If あなた the type of person who think あなた too good for people then I automatically don't like あなた -__- so nigga swerve! If あなた try to cut up on me then I'm gone fool on yo 尻, お尻 & That's a promise boo. I'm a real sweetheart tho. Lastly I got two mane people that I fw on here. That's Lena & Justin!! <33 Lena been my sis/bestfriend/boo since mf Day1.But don't get on her bad side cuz she'll hurt yo lil feelings :D fr. Justin is my bestfwiennd!! He cool af & funny XD. Don't get on his bad side either.. Just don't ok.

If あなた took time to read this 愛 あなた & have a Bless Day!! <333
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