Caskett Banner Contest!!!

drewjoana posted on May 17, 2012 at 11:16PM
Okay so I am making a Banner Constest. The winner gets to see his banner as Caskett main banner. Later I will chose whats the best Caskett Banner! Good Luck!!! <333

First Place: The winner gets to see his banner as main Caskett Banner + Gets 20 Props!

Second Place: 15 Props!

Third Place: 10 Props!
 Okay so I am making a Banner Constest. The winner gets to see his banner as Caskett main banner. Late
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Caskett 15 返信

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1年以上前 MissSpens said…
So, does that mean we get to create our own CASKETT banners and we upload them?
1年以上前 drewjoana said…
Yes U upload ur banner here at this forum dear <3
1年以上前 MissSpens said…
Oh man!! What a great idea!!! I'm so excited!! Working on it right now!! ;)
1年以上前 Castle-Ftw said…
Ok the question is what is the best program to use???
1年以上前 drewjoana said…
Oh I wonder...Photoshop?
1年以上前 MissSpens said…
Castle-Ftw - I have photoshop, but in the past I've used some free softwares that I've had on my computer. There's a free one you can download called PAINT.NET
1年以上前 drewjoana said…
I use a pretty basic programe called Photoscape!!!
1年以上前 MissSpens said…
I submitted some banners! Here you go:
Image #1link
Image #2 link
Image #3 link
1年以上前 drewjoana said…
Spens Ur Banners are Stunning, I love the second and the third one! Beautiful art work my friend!
1年以上前 drewjoana said…
I allready posted Spenser banner number 3, but the competition is still open, I can still use the other contestent banners;)))
1年以上前 Veronny said…
Ok i aslo made one it's not very good as MissSpens banners but hope you like it
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1年以上前 drewjoana said…
Veronny good work, I love ur banner! Thanks for Ur work!
1年以上前 drewjoana said…
Contest Results:

First Place: MissSpens {Banner Number 3}

Second Place: MissSpens {Banner Number 2}

Third Place: Veronny

[Everyone Will Get their Respective Props Soon!]

Thanks Everyone For Your Amazing Banners, Thanks also for Participating! Cheers for That, *Joana*
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1年以上前 MissSpens said…
Wow, thank you so much! I feel so honored!! I thought everyone did great work!! I hope you do another contest again soon! That was fun!
1年以上前 drewjoana said…
I am thinking On some tematic contest, Icon related!