Hello everyone, and I was thinking. I did a 上, ページのトップへ Ten Hated MLP characters, and a 上, ページのトップへ Ten Hated Video Game Characters list, so now, I am thinking of doing a 上, ページのトップへ Ten Hated Cartoon Characters list. Now, if あなた like a character that is on this list, remember, this is my list, so my opinion. With that, lets start

10: Eddy's Brother from Ed Edd n Eddy - Now, this 表示する knew how to end the series very well. Sadly, this character is just a jerk. Eddy's Brother was also depicted as being a legend who everyone feared and worshipped. However, what he really is is a total jerk who finds joy in torturing his little brother, Eddy. Honestly, he actually enjoys hurting people, and he is the reason why Eddy is so hated be the kids of the Cul-De-Sac. He would be higher, if it weren't for the fact that he gets what he deserves in the end. Sadly, I can't say the same for the others on this 一覧

9: DW from Arthur - My god, what the hell. The first educational 表示する that treats its viewers with respect and it had to have this character. DW is nothing もっと見る then a spoiled rotten brat and all she does is watch her big brother, Arthur goes through some dalema, and actually enjoys it. Don't give me any of that "Oh, but she is a little kid, and she is supposed to be this way" crap. She acts worse then any little kid should

8: Patrica Martin from Lucky 星, つ星 - I can describe one word for this character and あなた will know why I hate her. Racist. Honestly, she is an American exchange student. But she only moved to 日本 because she thinks that 日本 is just like アニメ and she actually demands that people act just like the anime. Honestly, what the fuck. And worse is that all the characters just ignore this like "Eh, sure she is racist, but lets just ignore it"

7: Fanboy and Chum Chum from Fanboy and Chum Chum - Oh, dear god, what is this. I can go on as to why the 表示する itself is fucking atrocious, but I'd rather tell あなた all about the characters, in fact, the two MAIN characters. Now, these two idiots are... IDIOTS. And they always cause torture to those around them. And whats worse is that they get no punishment for it, as if they actually don't deserve punishment for being the reason why so much people hate their lives. And yes, every character hate's living because of these two. I'm not joking

6: Bubsy from Bubsy Cartoon - Now, some of あなた may be thinking why I 投稿されました a video game character on this list. Well, he did have a cartoon, which ran for one episode, and thank god for that, because it was bad. And worst of all, Bubsy was so goddamn unlikable. He has an annoying voice and he always treats his friend- No, he isn't even his friend, he is a sidekick who Bubsy forced to be his sidekick - Bubsy treats his forced to be sidekick to go through all sorts of torment just so he can come out on top. And worse, is his goddamn catchphrase. If あなた ever hear it, I feel sorry for あなた

5: Lucy バン Pelt from ピーナッツ - My god this character. This fucking character. Honestly, all she does is treat Charlie Brown, someone who really doesn't deserve so much hate, so badly. She always bullies him and she never gets punished for it. But what put her on this 一覧 was her moment in the episode "It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown" Where she humiliates him in front of people during a football game. And if that is not bad enough, She isn't blamed, but Charlie Brown is. Oh, fuck you, Lucy. Honestly, where is Peter Griffon when あなた need him

4: Rigby from Regular 表示する - Oh my fucking god. Some of あなた may disagree, but seriously, what the fuck. Regular 表示する was so close to being a good show, if they just didn't have this bastard in it. Honestly, this guy is a complete jerk and always スラックス off. And if that isn't bad enough, he always treats Mordaci so badly, especially with his lovelife. And worse, most, if not all, the problems, are caused によって him because he is selfish, stubborn, または just plan stupid. Honestly Rigby, go die.

3: Mr. Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants - Now, this was hard to choose from. Their was Spongebob, who acted like a way to 表示する why people want to kill themselves, and then theirs Patrick, who is both annoyingly stupid and horribly unlikable, but I had to go with Mr. Krabs. Honestly, this guy has really been turned into a complete monster. He used to be a sort of greedy person who acted like a father figure to Spongebob, giving him lessons and helping him through rough times, but now, he is so greedy that he will not even pay his employees, and he is a complete jerk. And worse, he actually drives people to suicide and get fucking rewarded for it. Honestly, how did this guy only end up at #3 I don't know

2: Mokoto from School Days - Oh dear god, what is this. Honestly, I fucking hate this guy. I really do. Not only is a a cheating bastard to the ONLY likable character in the show, but he is also a rapist. Honestly, he rapes a girl just because he wants to. And he didn't care that he ruined a girls life, and he ruined about six other girls lives. Noe, he thinks he is amazing. And what's worse is that at the end, he actually gets murdered, yet the 表示する wants あなた to feel remorse for the guy. Honestly, あなた want me to feel remorse for someone who rapes girls, ruins girls lives, and cheats on girls. あなた want me to feel sorry for someone like that. Fuck no. I am glad this bastard died and I hope he burns in hell. But which character is worse... Well

Now, before we get to #1, I have to tell you. I have ranted so much about Trixie from My Little ポニー Friendship is Magic and how horrible she is. However, people say that she learned her lesson and that she will change her ways. So, with this new information, I can safely say that I FUCKING HATE THIS 雌犬 もっと見る THEN EVER

1: Trixie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - I'm sorry, am I missing something here, because this character just sucks, so badly. Yeah, get all mad if あなた want. I really don't care anymore. I had to say it. Trixie is a a braggart who honestly thinks magic is amazing. In our world, yes, in the world of MLP, MAGIC IS COMMON, あなた LOUD MOUTH IDIOT. Also, she loves to humiliate everyone in front of everyone, just because they don't like her performance. And she thinks shes so amazing. Which is what brings us to the only good thing about Boast Busters. She actually gets proven wrong and Twilight comes out on top. The only problem is that Trixie learns fucking nothing. I wish that was it, but no, she actually comes back thanks to her undeserved fanbase. And she is worse. She treats everyone badly, and actually sends Twilight out of Ponyville, and once that's done, I just wish she'd brag about her being better. What she does is even worse. She actually turns Ponyville into this dictatorship. It looks like something created によって both Dr. Robotnik from the Sonic games, and Adolf Hitler. Only WORSE!!! And for those of あなた who think she acted this way due to the Alicorn Amulet, let me remind you, there was a scene where she took off 発言しました amulet then brags about her becoming the strongest ポニー in all of Equestria. And worse, is that in the end, she is actually forgiven. No, no no no no no fuck no. NO. Why would あなた forgive this abomination. She is a monster, she is annoying, she is horrible, and she is the worst character in cartoon history. That's it. Plan and fucking simple

So, thats my list. What did あなた all think of it. Did あなた like it. Where their any characters that あなた wanted to see on this list. Tell my if あなた like. With that, I will see あなた all 次 time