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CullenSisters-X posted on Oct 23, 2010 at 01:15PM
Hi everyone!
A couple of weeks ago I made a pick asking if you wanted an icon competition, and 94% of you said yes! So here it is :)

All you have to do is post an icon based on the theme I say...
The rules are simple:
1. You can only post ONE icon,
2. You can't vote for yourself,
3. You have to MAKE the icon, not find
4. Stick to the theme!
5. The icons must be 100x100

You'll have 3 days to post your icon, then I'll make a pick to decide the winner!

1st place-3 props
2nd Place-2 props
3rd place-1 prop

Have Fun!
:) ♥

Round 1- Caroline with Matt:[Winner-lilyZ]
Round 2- Caroline in season 1 Pilot:[Winner: lilyZ]
Round 3- Caroline and Katherine:[Winner: lilyZ]
Round 4- Caroline In Miss Mystic Falls:[Winner: shannon9396]
Round 5- Vampire Caroline:[Winner: lilyZ]
Round 6- Caroline in 'Masquerade':[Winner: Darya96]
Round 7- Caroline and Tyler:[Winner: lilyZ]
Round 8- Caroline in 'Founders Day': [Winner: lilyZ]
Round 9- Candice Accola:[Winner: KatherinePierce]
Round 10- Caroline and Elena:[Winner: DelenaLover]
Round 11- Caroline in 'The Sacrifice':[Winner: lilyZ]
Round 12- Caroline in 'Kill Or Be Killed':[Winner: modernfan]
Round 13- Caroline and Damon:[Winner: lilyZ]
Round 14- Caroline in 'Family Ties':[Winner: Klema]
Round 15- Caroline in 'Haunted':[Winner: MsJeremyGilbert]
Round 16- Your favourite Caroline icon:[Winner: IceWomanPro]
Round 17- Caroline in 'Bad Moon Rising':[Winner: Vampire_Orchid & XNaley_JamesX]
Round 18- Caroline and Stefan:[Winner: 123Naki456]
Round 19- Caroline in 'Friday Night Bites':[Winner: shannon9396]
Round 20- Caroline smiling:[Winner: willow96]
Round 21- Caroline in 'History Repeating':[Winner: ania2612]
Round 22- Caroline and Bonnie:[Winner: shannon9396]
Round 23- Caroline in 'The Descent':[Winner: ania2612]
Round 24- Caroline in 'Daddy Issues':[Winner: ania2612]
Round 25- Your favourite Candice icon:[Winner: shannon9396]
Round 26- Caroline in 'Rose':[Winner: MsJeremyGilbert]
Round 27- Caroline in 'Unpleasantville':[Winner: MsJeremyGilbert]
Round 28- Caroline in 'Isobel':[Winner: Klema]
Round 29- Caroline in 'Memory Lane':[Winner: Klema]
Round 30- Caroline in 'You're undead to me':[Winner: Klema]
Round 31- Caroline's best episode:[Winner: maryam1311 (Masquerade)]
Round 32- Caroline in 'The House Guest':[Winner: el0508]
Round 33- Caroline in 'A Few Good Men':[Winner: maryam1311]
Round 34- Candice as Caroline on set:[Winner: modernfan]
Round 35- Caroline in 'Katerina':[Winner: ania2612]
Round 36- Caroline, Bonnie and Elena:[Winner: modernfan]
Round 37- Caroline in 'Plan B':[Winner: shannon9396]
Round 38- Caroline in 'Brave New World':[Winner: Vampire_Orchid]
Round 39- Caroline in '162 Candles':[Winner: Juilet1234]
Round 40- Black and white Caroline icon:[Winner: Juilet1234]
Round 41- Caroline in 'The Last Dance':[Winner: modernfan]
Round 42- Caroline upset:[Winner: spikeluva]
Round 43- Caroline in 'Night Of The Comet':[Winner: katherine1731]
Round 44- Caroline with...(Your Choice):[Winner: Juilet1234 - (Tyler)]
Round 45- Caroline in 'As I Lay Dying':[Winner: ania2612]
Round 46- Caroline in 'By The Light Of The Moon':[Winner: shannon9396]
Round 47- Random Caroline icon:[Winner: YyzV]
Round 48- Caroline in 'Know Thy Enemy':[Winner: Vampire_Orchid]
Round 49- Caroline in Fancy dress/ Costume:[Winner: omfg]
Round 50- Caroline with straight hair:[Winner: katherine1731]
Round 51- Caroline in 'The Sun Also Rises':[Winner: katherine1731]
Round 52- Caroline and Liz:[Winner: Joy3570]
Round 53- Caroline in 'Crying Wolf':[Winner: Joy3570]
Round 54- Your favourite Caroline scene:[Winner: el0508]
Round 55- Caroline OR Candice:[Winner: modernfan - Candice]
Round 56- Your favourite Caroline friendship:[Winner: charmed_phoebe]
Round 57- Caroline in 'The Birthday':[Winner: el0508]
Round 58- Caroline icon with text:[Winner: charmed_phoebe]
Round 59- Caroline in 'The Last Day':[Winner: charmed_phoebe]
Round 60- Caroline in 'The Turning Point':[Winner: modernfan]
Round 61- Caroline drinking:[Winner: Joy3570]
Round 62- A given picture [1]:[Winner: katherine1731]
Round 63- Caroline in 'Disturbing Behavior':[Winner: ania2612]
Round 64- Your favourite Caroline kiss:[Winner: Joy3570]
Round 65- A given picture [2]:[Winner: ania2612]
Round 66- Caroline in 'The Reckoning':[Winner: ania2612]
Round 67- Cute Caroline:[Winner: CylerJJ]
Round 68- Caroline in 'Ghost World':[Winner: Joy3570]
Round 69- Eyes [Icon focusing on Caroline's eyes]:[Winner: el0508]
Round 70- Caroline at School:[Winner: charmed_phoebe]
Round 71- Caroline in Season 3:[Winner: mariatsaltaki7]
Round 72- Caroline in the Salvatore Boarding House:[Winner: katherine1731]
Round 73- Caroline Hug:[Winner: EllieLupin91]
Round 74- Caroline in 'Our Town':[Winner: i_heart_tvd]
Round 75- Caroline looking down:[Winner: xsophiefx]
Round 76- Caroline cheerleading:[Winner: el0508]
Round 77- Negative Space:[Winner: EllieLupin91]
Round 78- Caroline in 'Dangerous Liaisons':[Winner: ania2612]
Round 79- A given picture [3]:[Winner: ania2612]
Round 80- Caroline with an Original:[Winner: modernfan]
Round 81- Promotional photo:[Winner: KarinaCullen]
Round 82- Caroline in 'All My Children':[Winner: Desara]
Round 83- Hair:[Winner: ania2612]
Round 84- Caroline wearing your favourite colour:[Winner: OTHjovana - Blue]
Round 85- 1x22 or 2x22:[Winner: modernfan]
Round 86- Close crop:[Winner: En-]
Round 87- Fighting:[Winner: el0508]
Round 88- Jewellery:[Winner: En-]
Round 89- Caroline in 'Bringing Out the Dead':[Winner: En-]
Round 90- Caroline at the Lockwood mansion:[Winner: el0508]
Round 91- Full body:[Winner: OTHjovana]
Round 92- Large text:[Winner: OTHjovana]
Round 93- Outside:[Winner: Any_SJ & KarinaCullen]
Round 94- Caroline in 'The Murder of One':[Winner: modernfan]
Round 95- Yellow:[Winner: MusicOfTheNigt]
Round 96- Back:[Winner: Any_SJ]
Round 97- A given picture [4]:[Winner: EllieLupin91]
Round 98- Caroline in 'The Departed':[Winner: OTHjovana]
Round 99- In a group:[Winner: modernfan]
Round 100- Celebrating 100 rounds icon:[Winner: OTHjovana]
 Hi everyone! A couple of weeks 前 I made a pick asking if あなた wanted an アイコン competition, and 94% o
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