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*The following fanfic is typed up によって me. Keep it mind that everything will be diffrent. Thank you.*

The 次 日 has just arrived and Sakura as well as Kasey were all dressed up and ready to head down to the elementray school to get set up for their big prom night.

When they got down stairs however, the discovered that Tory wasn't inside with them.

Sakura: Tori? We're leaving now. Tori? *Looks around the living room* Kasey, Tori is not here anywhere.

Kasey: He isn't? Something must be up but we don't have time to worry about that right now.

Sakura: Well, I guess あなた are right Kasey..lets get...
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こんにちは guys! Sorry it took me a little while to finish this. I have been busy. but I finished. I hope あなた enjoy.
Keep the cardcaptor 愛 alive. xo

Chapter 19:

“KASEY!?” Sakura shouted.

She had been chasing him since he left but he must of had used his powers to run a tad もっと見る faster than her. She wasn’t stupid though, she knew where he was headed. She just hoped she could get there before it was too late.

“FLY!” she shouted.

Her staff grew beautiful wings and was all ready for her to climb aboard.

She quickly climbed aboard and started to fly high above into the air, heading towards Li’s...
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*The following fanfic is all typed up によって me- keep in mind that the text style will look a bit diffrent. Thank you.^^*

Felicia and Li were out together walking around downtown.

They found a very nice restruant that was not too far from where the hotel was where her and Kasey were staying. They decided to get lunch there.

After being directed to their table, the two sat down and looked through the menu- Felicia of course couldn't keep her eyes out of the menu and constanly stared at Li while blushing.

Li: *Notices what she is doing* Is there something wrong?

Felicia: *Gasped and shook her head...
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こんにちは guys. I apologize that I havent 投稿されました anything in a long while. I have been really sick. I also have been sick while 書く this so it took awhile. Im sorry if its not my best work.

Chapter 17.

“KASEY!” Sakura shouted.

Kasey watched as his フレンズ came rushing over towards him. Their faces full of relieve and huge smiles. He couldn’t help but grin. He was so grateful for his friends, they honestly meant everything to him and without their 愛 he wouldn’t have gotten the strength または the courage to finish Rexo.

“THANK GOODNESS YOUR ALRIGHT!” Sakura shouted, tackling over with...
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*The following fanfic is typed up によって me- all text in this story may appear different. Thank you.^^*

As Tori and Li were about to go into a huge brawl, a really, really loud noise was heard in the right side of the group.

Everyone: *Turned to the right*

A gust of wind soon began forming in their right direction too. The gust was so hard that everyone was almost blown away.

Sakura: *About to fall down*

Kasey: Sakura! *Grabs her left arm* I won't let あなた go!

Sakura: *Blushes while looking up at him with a little smile*

Li: What in the world is going on?!

Melin: My hair! My beautiful hair!

Kero: *Hanging...
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こんにちは guys. Sorry it took me a little while to finsih this one. I was kind of busy. Sorry this ain't my best work. Hope u still enjoy. xo

Chapter 15

Li kept on running towards the light; it kept getting closer and closer.

“Slow down Li!” Sakura shouted.

You could hear Kasey’s growls from the distance as he continued to chase after them.

“I need to keep going, she could be badly hurt.” Li thought, not stopping his running.

The light continued to echo throughout the forest and it seemed like whenever they thought they were getting close, it turned out that they were still just as far. It seemed...
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*Keep in mind that the following fanfic is written によって myself- so notice that the text maybe different.^^*

The 次 日 had soon arrived. As the sun shined over the beautiful city, Kasey has just woken up. He wanted to make breakfest before Felicia awoke too. Just when he was about to start, the phone rang.

Kasey: *Quickly answered the phone* Hello?

Sakura: Good morning Kasey. I am very sorry if I woke あなた at a bad time.

Kasey: No, no not at all. I was just about to make breakfest before Felicia woke up. *Slowly turns his head to the ベッド to make sure she didn't wake up*

Sakura: That's so sweet....
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こんにちは guys.
I worked very hard on this chapter.
Hope u enjoy. xo

Chapter 13:

Finally tomorrow came and everyone was pumped to go see the new pool that had taken place up street. They heard the pool took up the whole room and that there were over 5 waterslides that hung above the ceiling. It was a new project and it had only come out last week. Everyone was talking about it and this would be the perfect opportunity to get Felicia out of her little depressed mode and to get her to have some fun.
It was hard to get her off the sofa and to actually go with them but Kasey knew if waterslides were involved...
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こんにちは guys.
I haven't been feeling the best,
but here is the following chapter.
I hope u enjoy. xo


“Il talk to あなた tomorrow Kasey.” yawned Sakura .

Kasey went over to her and gave her a huge くま, クマ hug. It seemed like whenever those two hugged it lasted for a long time. It always felt so perfect to them.

Madison had already left and Kero was bugging to go ホーム and eat something.

Kasey turned over where Felicia was laying to see her not there.

“WHAT?! Where did she go!” Kasey shouted.

He turned around to see Li standing up with Felicia in his arms passed out.

Kasey gave him a glair and...
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*The form of fanficing is my way. Keep in mind that the text may be diffrent. I would also like to point out that I wote this chapter because my friend who also writes the chapters is not feeling well and I decided to write this chapter for her. So please enjoy.^^*

This was it- the final confrontation has just began. Kasey, Sakura, Madison, and Kero all made their way to Rexo's secret hideout where they are attempting to confront Rexo and retrieve Felicia and Li from his grasps. As they made their way, the could hear strange echos among the walls. They were the sounds of Rexo and Li about to...
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(The following form of fanficing is my way. So notice that the text will appear diffrently. Thank you.^^*

Meanwhile, back at the other side of the darkest walls, Kasey, Kero, and Madison were all doomed. They are stuck inside yet another maze and Rexo is attempting to play yet another game with them- a game of survival without the use of magic.

Kasey: *Growled with rage* That no good moron! He takes away my powers so we can barely make it through all of this mess!

Madison: *Tries to calm him* Kasey, don't worry about it okay? Even if あなた cannot use your powers あなた are still the strongest person...
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I am back with another Chapter.
Enjoy xo. (:


“I feel so cold now. It feels like every part of my body is not with me and that my mind is still working. I cannot move. I feel dead. Kasey is here and so is Sakura. What are they doing here? They are going to end up hurt. These evil people are all very powerful. I want to help but I can’t even budge... I feel useless.”

Felicia’s thoughts were scattered every where’s. She couldn’t believe that Kasey and Sakura had made it here. How did they ever find it? Didn’t they know it was dangerous?

Felicia sighed. She didn’t want to...
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(The following form of fanficing is my writing- keep in mind that the text may look diffrent. Thank you.^^*

With the Time card now in place, Li called upon the power of the card in order to activate. With the card now in postion, everybody traveld through time. After moving through crazy spirals, indicating that they are moving through time, they ended up standing in a strange, creepy maze: designed like a midevil time castle.

Li: *Slomped to the ground*

Sakura: Li! Are あなた alright?

Li: *Looks up at her* Yes...I'm just weak remember?

Sakura: Oh, right.

Kero: I don't like the looks of this maze....
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Im back with a new Chapter to share with あなた all xo.Enjoy :]

Chapter 7.

“Who does that Kasey boy think he is? あなた could have showed him!” whined Meilin

Li wasn’t really paying attention. His mind was on other matters.

“He is also SOOOO annoying. He thinks his all that just cause he can change into a beastly form. Big Deal.” Mopped Meilin.

Li still wasn’t paying attention. He couldn’t get that girl Felicia out of his mind. So many thoughts were rushing through his head. He was almost positive that he knew who was behind all of this and if this was the case Felicia couldn’t be evil....
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*This for mof fanficing is my way. So keep in mind that the text will look diffrent. Thank you.^^*

Puffing with fear and breath, Kasey had no idea what he was getting himself into. The 分 he bursted through the hotel room door, he saw no sign of Felica. She was gone, vanished, and disasppered out of no where. Kasey tried to hold back his wail, but couldn't do it good enough.

Kasey: *Wails* WHY????

At that moment, a strange form of light filled in the room- the light was a crystal clear purple color and it filled the room with light. Kasey covered his eyes for a short time but uncovered them...
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こんにちは guys:)
Here's chapter 5.
Enjoy. xo

Chapter 5

A Girl with fearsome eyes and long black hair with ピンク tails came running towards Li.

“Li , how could あなた just run off like that without me! “ She whined, holding on to Li’s arm with all her might.

Li let out a grown as Meilin continued to hug his arm like it was some kind of animal.

Felicia stared at the girl who was all over Li. For some reason she felt uneasy.

“Meilin let go.” Li complained while shaking her off.

Meilin just continued to smile at him while pinching his cheeks.

“Meilin... what are あなた doing here?” Sakura asked.
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こんにちは guys, sorry it took me so long to do this chapter! I was busy, but here it is. Enjoy

Chapter 3.
“I can’t believe あなた spent the whole 日 with me at the beach!” exclaimed Felicia.

She was really happy to spend time with Kasey and it was great catching up on things and exploring the beautiful sights.

Kasey let out a chuckle “Oh Felicia. I have lots of stuff planed for us! It’s not every 日 that my sister is around.”

Felicia smiled and took a moment to feel the nice sun beaming down on her face. What a perfect day, it couldn’t get possibly any better.

“Kasey!” shouted a familiar...
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posted by lil-fee
This is a Cardcaptor fanfic that me and my great friend Kasey are doing. We are taking turns 書く the chapters. I wrote chapter one. I hope あなた enjoy it. It's filled with Magic, mystery, love, and drama. ;)


“Only one もっと見る hour, Only one もっと見る hour.” Felicia chanted as she was packing her last set of clothing.

“Do あなた have all your clothes?” asked Felicia’s mother from the nearest bathroom.

“Yes mom.” Felicia replied while double checking her closets.

“What about your toothbrush?” Her mom asked.

“Yes mom...” Felicia stammered, quickly grabbed her toothbrush from...
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Recap: Things appeared to be good in our last part. When Sakura accepts to keep Kasey away from the streets. Her older brother however beleives something is up with him and cannot really determine what it is. But while they are asleep, two strange figures appear to be spying outside the house sitting on a tree. These two may be good forces または they might want something else.

It was still dark outside. Inside the house in Sakura's room, Kasey is tossing and turning around as if he was in a dream.

Kasey: I mustn't....I won't....I will never...

His talking was so quite not even Sakura nor Kero heard...
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Recap: In the last part to the story, Sakura and company have finally found the mystery person and the mystery Cardcaptor, who is acutally a cat that can speak. Finally getting the hang of what it takes to be a Cardcaptor, Kasey is ready to 登録する and is well far from ready. The only proublem now is where to keep him.

The crew left the park and stopped.

Li: I guess I will be going ホーム now. I hope あなた can do something about this.

Kero: Why worry over a cat?

Li: I'm just not sure about him...*Turns and walks*

Kero: *Growled* That kid does not know what is bad from good.

Madison: I guess what our...
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