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posted by Canada24
Obviously I got the idea of making this kinda 記事 after WindWaker's culture.. Whatever..

I heard a little about that.. But mainly I heard about Onison. Which is a different beast all together..

Anyway, obviously I'm here to instead talk about the creator of Ren and Stimpy. As all the YouTube 動画 I saw about him are darkly interesting.

Though mainly, it's deeply disguesting and horrorific. Not only cause he did these things. But because the people down at Nick seemed to be mostly fine with it. They fired him not for having sex with minors, または sending out nude pictures to fans. But for not making enough episodes. Yeah. Nothing about "anything" involving this story is okay.. Nothing.

He than made the infamish Ren and Stimpy Adult party. Appearently Ren Seeks help is based on John's personality. Which honestly won't serprise me.

John K always gave me a bad vibe. He always creeped me out. This only succeed in proving me correct.

All I hope is that John burns in hell. Never have I truly hated a man so much without ever actually meeting them.. The final straw is in his apology, he blamed it on ADHD. Which I "have". This is why people don't understand us. This is what's wrong with the world.

Fuck あなた John K.. That's all I have to say. Hope somebody shoots you.

I know it's old news probably. But for me, I only recently learned of it, so it's new to me..
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posted by Canada24
Spinning inside, rotting away.
Something inside of me, has been taken away.
Feeling my heart!
breaking in vain!
It won't get better now!

I can't seem to get awaaaay!
I, feel. I'm here so あなた can play!
Withhh, my head!
There's nothing I can saaaay!
I keep feeling like, I'm to blame!
When, will, this, end?

Hopeless inside, alone as I wait.
Brewing inside of me, is your endless hate.
Feeling my heart!
breaking in vain!
It won't get better now!

I can't seem to get awaaaay!
I, feel. I'm here so あなた can play!
Withhh, my head!
There's nothing I can saaaay!
I keep feeling like,...
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posted by Canada24
Grand Theft Auto 5 STILL isn't working.. We're gonna bring it back..

I decided make up for this によって playing one of the other two games that were replaced as well.

* Red Dead Redemption.

* Army the Two/The 40th day.

I went with Red Dead.
My new room has still lots of cowboy crap we need to get rid of.
But at least it fits the mood.

I am NEVER seem to have it in me, to be a bad person as John Marston.
I am always helping as many people as possible (you get hell ton of money that way anyway),

And I always end up being famish for GOOD reasons.
Helping innocent people.
Not, KILLING innocent people.

But that's just me.
Anyway here's all the RDR pictures from my profile..
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This isn't like last time, were the ONLY reason I am sticking up for Trixie, is because she's just so adorable to look at.
No, no, this time I am NOT denying that Trixie was quite annoying.
That she was stubborn and over confident in herself.
And that she lied to an entire town, just for the attention.
And she did indeed deserve to be punished for her lies and rudeness.
But come on..
Did she really deserve to be shunned and mocked によって all of Equestria, and lose her job as a magician and work as a rock farmer..

Most ファン label Iron Will as a...
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He's a foul mouthed, arrogant, douchebag.
Who trolls and murders us in our sleep.
We can never get enough of him..

He probably isn't "fucked up" like the rest of the list.
But he IS nothing but a bad role model.
On the bright side.
He DOSE have standards.
In several occasions to proves that deep down DOSE 愛 Mag.
Also, in crossover where the griffins meet the Simpsons, he, as we would all exect, becomes instant フレンズ with Homor.
But. His "standards" are again proven, when Peter becomes very disgusted with Homor for the way he strangles Bart,...
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There are three versions of this song I will be posting.
Yes, it's probably stealing Wind's idea, but who cares, I'm a dick to him anyway.. :)


#1: THE ORGINAL NIGHTMARE ON ELMS 通り, ストリート (1980's):
Wanna see why the hell I like Freddy Krueger?
Well, for those that probably only know him from the shitty remake, I can see why it'll be confusing.
Watch the original.
This is BEFORE Freddy became "troll", and was actually trying to be scary.
And take it from me, Freddy IS terrifying in this one.
He's the type of guy waiting the shadows, toying with あなた instead of killing あなた straight away.
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I have this film, and it's good.
The タイトル 発言しました it?
So if あなた haven't seen the new episode.. Stop now, final warning..

Anyway.. Before I start.. Let me say. Having finally seen season 6.. It was awesome.. Walking dead always has awesome battles, it's why I like it (well why I ORIGINALLY liked it) but it usually takes forever too get too them.
Season 6 is amazing.. Battle after battle after battle.. And GOOD battle scenes. Intense ones.

Anyway.. Now for the 質問 あなた been waiting for..



I 発言しました before, how excited I was too see...
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So, Canada24. He’s a sarcastic, impolite, possibly psychotic jerk, yet that’s what we’re good フレンズ (Of course, I’m only kidding), and what I know about him is that he owns an XBox. And I also know that he as some pretty good games, like GTA, Assassin’s Creed, and Dead Rising. However, there are also those other good games for the console that he probably doesn’t have yet. So, I want to share with him (And all of you) A few games that I well recommend to him. Now, before I start, these are games only for the XBox 360, weather they are on discs, または can be bought from the XBox Store....
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Scootaloo: (brings over the crusaders) Check it out. I rebuild Connor's universe portal
AB: Ohh.. But that's what brought that Dragonowitiz creep.
Scootaloo: Relax. I brought it too a 'different' ponyville universe.
AB: Are あなた sure this is safe.
Scoot: Sure. What's the worst that's out there.. (turns it on)
(before long a bunch of bat heads fling out of the portal)
Scoot: What the hec-
Brutaloo: *reveals herself dramatically* ... Huh, so that portal 'dose' lead somewhere..
Scoot: Um... hi.
AB: Hey. あなた must be the Scootaloo of that universe.. Are あなた any similar to 'our' Scootaloo?.
Brutaloo: Depends.....
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Ditto: Celestia told me maybe it's about time I came to visit you.. After I saw her eating to much ice cream.
Scootaloo: (sighs) What did あなた do?
Ditto: Nothing!
Scootaloo: (unconvinced stare)
Ditto: (groans) ONE little fat joke.

Luna: (finally arrives at ponyville with her stagecoach).
Ditto: (feeling qeezy) Warn me the 次 time your gonna spin around so much
Luna: Whatever.. We're still here now.

Ditto: こんにちは Luna... Ever think we should.. Go out?
Luna: ... I guess I could do this sort of thing. I have never tried it, though I am curious to see how it is.
Ditto: Great... I.. Really.. Uhh.....
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Master Sword can be hard to predict.
Like Saten he is スプリット, 分割 personalitied. One 分 he's nice, comedic, friendly, generous, and well meaning. But when angered または something like that. He becomes hard to control.
Though Sword is usually shown to be far もっと見る dangerious and unstable than Saten.
And もっと見る capable of killing without remorse.
But that dosen't make him a bad person.
He is a loving husband, and loyal friend..

Like Sword, he is "generally" a very nice guy.
But both of them had traumatic childhoods.
Saten isn't as unstable as Sword.
But it can sometimes be hard to know...
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He starts off friendly, but after tricking Niko into betraying and killing Mikhail. Dimitri reveals his true Colors(色) and betrays Niko によって trying to hand over to Bulgarin, but fails.
Soon after betraying Niko, Dimitri became a major figure in the Russian Mafia and started his own cocaine importation operation. He was arrested but released for attempting to bring cocaine into Liberty City along with a business associate. After they went into hiding in Bohan, he discovered that Roman still frequented a gambling デン in Broker. Dimitri was owed an unspecified amount of money from The...
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