Brucas(ブルック&ルーカス) Brucas(ブルック&ルーカス) ファン Girls and a Guy xD

livelovelaugh posted on Jun 12, 2008 at 06:42PM
For the fans of the Ultimate amazing Couple. Introduce yourself and start talking =)

Ok so heres the deal if you dont come on in a long time the chances are i will delete you from the list so people dont get cofused.

If you belong to the group of medal whores (you all know who you are) you will also get removed from the list we dont acept people like that on fanpop at all never mind on our forum! sorry to be a bitch but its something that shouldnt happen and it does so if you are part of the medal whores you should eb ashamed of yourself!

so basically this forum is to come and talk to BL fans. You can talk about what ever you want seriously anything at all. if you wanna vent about something then do it thats what this is here for.

im gonna make a list here of the regular users and there real names so if your new you can see who everyone is.

Livelovelaugh - Dawn 240
Brattynemz - Nem 201
Dermer4ever - Terra 170
Sophialover - Mary 224
1treehillfan - Alice 111
Brucas4ever - Hannah 281
Cas_Cat2 - Cat or Catia 116
Janni - Janni 335
Broody_4_Cheery - meikei 88
Mollyx365 - Molly or lou 92
TSOYPRA - Vicky 32
Chlarkfan - Jellena 16
jennifer_02 - Jen 2
OMGitsBrooke - Leyla
Isabellaaa - Bella
xoheartinohioxo - Holly
MONlovesBRUCAS - Mon

(i know ive forgot some jus let me know lol)

 For the ファン of the Ultimate amazing Couple. Introduce yourself and start talking =) Ok so heres the
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1年以上前 Janni said…
1年以上前 Janni said…
lol xD
I meant something for this spot:P Something fun.. something we can do now.. A forum game between us xD
Something that could give me some energy :P
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
you have no energy?
well then we definitely need to do something!
but seriously, what do you want for your bday video??
I just finished molly's and now I need to know what to do for yours!!
1年以上前 Janni said…
hmmm.. Brucas & Bedwars maybe.. suprise me <3

sry that i just went away.. we were going hom and the inernet was off
1年以上前 Janni said…
What should we do... hmm
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
lol oh thats fine
okay I'll surprise you ;D
and yes what should we do?!
oooh have you been on this coolio site called neopets?!
I found out what it was 2 days ago and now I totally love it!
1年以上前 Janni said…
lol xD
I used to LOOOVE neopets!!... about 3 years ago... xD
I'm so going over there right now :P

1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
lmaoo I've never been there its super fun I love the games and my pets name is lilbrucas XDDD
whats your username? I'm TOTALLY adding you as a friend!!!
1年以上前 Janni said…
it's not letting my in cause i think i said a fake b-day date and i can't remember it:/

my name was : Rorgan_brookas
remember that this was a LOOONG time ago and i didn't know that it was 'brucas' xP
1年以上前 dermer4ever said…
Hey Janni and Alice
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
well, crap.
make another account!!!
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
Hey Dermy.
I stayed home sick today.
1年以上前 Janni said…
should i make a new account?
1年以上前 dermer4ever said…
I figured you would
1年以上前 Janni said…
Hey Terra!!
1年以上前 dermer4ever said…
So do you know how long we have to have the slut icons i am itching to change it to on of my Joshie icons.
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
lol you don't HAVE to have a slut icon I changed mine :)
and yeah make a new account janni!!!
1年以上前 Janni said…
my pets name is gona be Queen_Brucas
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
lol okay :)
mine is lilbrucas!
they can be friends! :D
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
hannah and the pirate caves requires shockwave plug in.
ahhh its not loading!
and it looked so fun!
1年以上前 Janni said…
Alice: What's your pet (kind)?

lol xD I first made a neopet in 06/07 ! xD
1年以上前 Janni said…
i'm concidering having a monkey (BL)
but i had a monkey last time too :P
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
LOL janni. I have never made a neopet until now. I'm soo lame.
my pet is like this yellow furry thing called a jubjub lmao what a loser name. Its cool though. I wanted a tiger at first but then I decided to take this one instead cuz it kind of looks like a peed on cotton ball :)
and lol whats your username???
mine is the_love_taco
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
oooh get a monkey!
or you know you could get a bat too! those are cool!
1年以上前 Janni said…
or a jubjub
1年以上前 Janni said…
mine !
1年以上前 Janni said…
EYESEXAGE ** <3 *0
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
oooh yeah get a jubjub then we could be matching XD
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
1年以上前 Janni said…
omg! you too have a jubjub xD

I want a red one ^^

1年以上前 Janni said…
lol xD

I think that my uses name us Queen_Brucas xD
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
yay get a red one and I have a yellow one and then we can be twins!!!
I know I am such a loser i wish I discovered neopets before this XD
I saw adds for it on the tv but I always thought it was a videogame.
whats your username???
1年以上前 Janni said…
but we can get more pets later;D
1年以上前 dermer4ever said…
Janni you need to look at this picture i was in heaven when i saw it. link
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
Queen_Brucas?? I thought that was your pets name???
1年以上前 Janni said…
What should my pet be called?
1年以上前 Janni said…
I mixed them up:/

1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
oooh I neofriended you I think!!! XD
1年以上前 Janni said…
lol Terra! I have seen it before^^

and i LOVE it!! <33
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
lol hmmm your pet should be named "brookies" XD
1年以上前 dermer4ever said…
Broody and Cherry
1年以上前 Janni said…
should it be a male or a female.. what's yours?
it yours is female mine is a male and they could totally hook up xP
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
LMAO uhhh mines female I think
1年以上前 Janni said…
Female: Brookies
Male: Brooked LOL xD
1年以上前 Janni said…
then mine is a male and his name is Brooked xD
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
LOOLLL! no I like brookies! Keep it brookies wether you make it female or male! XD
And then when you are done except my neofriend request!
I'm the_love_taco :)
1年以上前 Janni said…
1年以上前 Janni said…
Grr! I wanted BROOKIES.. and BROOKES is also taken:(
1年以上前 Janni said…
what about Brooked_by_Brookies.. but:/
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
ummm be brookies111 or something :)