Brucas(ブルック&ルーカス) Brucas(ブルック&ルーカス) ファン Girls and a Guy xD

livelovelaugh posted on Jun 12, 2008 at 06:42PM
For the fans of the Ultimate amazing Couple. Introduce yourself and start talking =)

Ok so heres the deal if you dont come on in a long time the chances are i will delete you from the list so people dont get cofused.

If you belong to the group of medal whores (you all know who you are) you will also get removed from the list we dont acept people like that on fanpop at all never mind on our forum! sorry to be a bitch but its something that shouldnt happen and it does so if you are part of the medal whores you should eb ashamed of yourself!

so basically this forum is to come and talk to BL fans. You can talk about what ever you want seriously anything at all. if you wanna vent about something then do it thats what this is here for.

im gonna make a list here of the regular users and there real names so if your new you can see who everyone is.

Livelovelaugh - Dawn 240
Brattynemz - Nem 201
Dermer4ever - Terra 170
Sophialover - Mary 224
1treehillfan - Alice 111
Brucas4ever - Hannah 281
Cas_Cat2 - Cat or Catia 116
Janni - Janni 335
Broody_4_Cheery - meikei 88
Mollyx365 - Molly or lou 92
TSOYPRA - Vicky 32
Chlarkfan - Jellena 16
jennifer_02 - Jen 2
OMGitsBrooke - Leyla
Isabellaaa - Bella
xoheartinohioxo - Holly
MONlovesBRUCAS - Mon

(i know ive forgot some jus let me know lol)

 For the ファン of the Ultimate amazing Couple. Introduce yourself and start talking =) Ok so heres the
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1年以上前 Broody_4_Cheery said…
can i just say LMAO at the name change!
1年以上前 mollyx365 said…
Noo because I want you to finish the vid.
Haha unfortunately i did use imovie.
1年以上前 Broody_4_Cheery said…
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
Yes, you can say that.

Are you KIDDING?
It was genius!
You're better at iMovie than I ever could be!
1年以上前 mollyx365 said…
1年以上前 dermer4ever said…
did you notice the new change
1年以上前 mollyx365 said…
Alice imovie is so freaking easy my 1 month old sister could use it.
1年以上前 Broody_4_Cheery said…

i saw this one entry for dawns contest that was really good, lol cant remember which one but it was very impressive
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
I want to vid but I have no muse :(
1年以上前 brattynemz said…
Mickei <3
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
Your sister is older than 1 month.

And iMovie is not that easy.
There are loads of effects that took me alot of time to figure out.
I STILL dont know how to zoom.
And weren't you the one begging me for help on how to use it?
1年以上前 mollyx365 said…
I want to make a real video with clips but I have nooo disc space :(
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
Well clear some space.
Delete some icons or something.
1年以上前 mollyx365 said…
Is she? 2 months then xD

LMAO maybe. But compared to vegas it`s so easy.
1年以上前 mollyx365 said…
Is she? 2 months then xD

LMAO maybe. But compared to vegas it`s so easy.
1年以上前 Broody_4_Cheery said…
nem, my bratty friend!

hi also to terra, alice!

al, what happened to your muse? did mark kill it.

1年以上前 mollyx365 said…
There is NOTHING! I have no icons, no pictures, nothing at all. It`s so annoying.
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…

Vegas is muchh harder.
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
Well you have full episodes of the oc, dont you?
SOMETHING is clogging it up.

Hello Mickei Mouse!
Mark kills everything.
My hope.
My dreams.
My love.
My muse.
He probably killed Michael Jackson.
1年以上前 mollyx365 said…
On my computer at home. Not the laptop.

Ahh Mark the mass murderer!!
1年以上前 Broody_4_Cheery said…
1年以上前 brattynemz said…
LOL Alice :D
1年以上前 dermer4ever said…
Mickei you should enter the brucas contest at othforums
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
Isnt your laptop the one with iMovie?
I'm confuzzled.
1年以上前 dermer4ever said…
Mickei my othforums bestie and i are going to write are fanfic together
1年以上前 mollyx365 said…
The episodes are on my computer at home.
There`s nothing on this computer. WTF.
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
Ooooohh fun:)
Mickei is the king fanfic writer.

Speaking of fanfic... have you ever ran across the "king of flaming" per chance?
Cuz I want to ring her fat neck.
She totally flamed my new story and I liked it :(
1年以上前 brattynemz said…
Yeah you totally should Mickei!
1年以上前 Broody_4_Cheery said…
ooh terra i look forward to it. and what comp?

im currently sorta planning on a coauthored fanfic, just need to find cowriters. remember that au episode one i sent ya ages ago terra, i wanna use that and continue by rewriting the whole series, but i want some help, trying to talk rece into joining me.
1年以上前 Broody_4_Cheery said…
king of flaming?
1年以上前 dermer4ever said…
yeah it is it is a one shot with scenario
1年以上前 brattynemz said…
People at the OTHforums made me hate Peyton/Breyton. LOL
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
yeah p2Fb or something.
Some fat chick with no life & she thinks she's the queen of all.

Hey Molly, does Thomas find out about Pandora and Cook?

1年以上前 Broody_4_Cheery said…
why nem?
1年以上前 brattynemz said…
Sorry I got distracted playing in facebook, lol. Cause they always debate about Brooke and Peyton, and sometimes they have ridiculous points when defending Peyton.
1年以上前 Broody_4_Cheery said…
did it just get quiet in here?
1年以上前 Broody_4_Cheery said…
i mean i flove peyton but sometimes you just cant defend her actions.
1年以上前 brattynemz said…
I know! Like they point the flaws in the BP friendship and I'm like, "Yeah, how can you two be bestfriends when you don't know each other?" lol
1年以上前 Broody_4_Cheery said…
i think the bp friendship for one of the oldest relationships in the show was one that like developed the most, from two 'best friends' who seemed to always read each other wrong they overcame so much and managed to only strengthen their friendship after each major problem they had. sometime it was like, shouldnt they be enemies? wtf. seriously, peyton fell for the stairs story, wtf.
1年以上前 Broody_4_Cheery said…
hate to love ya and leave ya but im meant to be babysitting my niece and nephew and her movie just ended and maverick shld be due for a bottle. so i gotta go. hugs. later blers
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
I hate Peyton.
End of story.
1年以上前 brattynemz said…
And P fans defend her for that. Srsly? LOL
1年以上前 dermer4ever said…
Mickei what it is their are scarnieos and that idea i gave you my bestie and i are writing it

this what i have so far not coloring yet
 Mickei what it is their are scarnieos and that idea i gave あなた my bestie and i are 書く it this
1年以上前 brattynemz said…
Bye Mickei! Goodluck with babysitting. :D
1年以上前 dermer4ever said…
this is for my fic
 this is for my fic
1年以上前 Broody_4_Cheery said…
ooh nice!

anyone still around? i am now childless and bored.
1年以上前 Broody_4_Cheery said…
taking that as a no... well i'll go read a book or something.
1年以上前 livelovelaugh said…
im hear hun if you stll are
1年以上前 Cas_Cat_2 said…

THE 60000 IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!
1年以上前 sophialover said…
"and a guy"? WTF?