The book Smiling 丘, ヒル Farm is about the Wayne family’s life at Smiling 丘, ヒル Farm. It starts out with the Wayne family moving to Indiana in an ox driven wagon to be pioneers and find new farm lands. The book shows how the farm and family grow through the years 1817-1937.
The story starts on the Wayne family moving from Virginia to Indiana. They found a settlement on a 丘, ヒル and called it Smiling 丘, ヒル Farm. They started building the farm, and making the farm bigger. The farm and kids grow up over the years. For example now they grind their wheat with a machine instead of horse power. As they were building their new house a flood comes and destroys the new house. They repair and rebuild the farm. As the farm and kids keep growing relatives come to live at the farm. The story ends with Great-grandfather Wayne’s ninety-second birthday.
If あなた like 本 that are funny または sad あなた probably don’t want to read this book. The goal of this book was to tell あなた how life was long ago. Every once in a while あなた will come によって something funny または sad but that’s not the 本 purpose. If あなた like 本 about history あなた will like this book.
I thought the book was a good way to see how life was back then. First it shows how they traveled to get where they needed to go. Then it showed how they farmed and grew their food. 次 it talked about the tools they used back then. The book Smiling 丘, ヒル Farm showed that life was hard long ago.