This spot was created to celebrate book-to-tv/film-screen adaptations. True, there is no way that a live version will ever live up to our imagination. And yes, there are hundreds of examples of how this formula can go wrong. But there are also hundreds of examples of how the formula can go right and astonish us with the magic of cinema, yet all too often these examples are forgotten -- and so this spot is to remind ourselves of both the good and the bad, and to discuss either.

A common criticism of book-to-screen adaptations nowadays is that filmmakers are seemingly relying too often on literature for their content, that the screenwriters are no longer creative themselves. But did あなた know that practically half of Alfred Hitchcock's 映画 are book adaptations? Rebecca, The Birds, Psycho, ... And what about Steven Spielberg's works: Jaws, Jurassic Park, The Color Purple, Schindler's List,... I say this not to lessen the directors' and screenwriters' creativity in dialogue and vision but to remind critics that 本 have always been a 情報源 for the movies.

I do notice a trend though of whether I like the movie in addition to the book または just simply hate the movie in relation to which I consume first. If book first and then movie -- then I tend to hate the movie. If movie first and then book -- then both are enjoyed in perfect harmony.

Of course, my interpretation of what this spot is about is simply my opinion. Make of it what あなた will. Praise both the 本 and the movies. Enjoy.