I read the 本 of this series before seeing the movie as I always do with book to movie adaptions and have just seen the movie. I think they did quite well with it but I'm not sure it lived up to the books. They changed hair colours of Mrs Coulter, Lyra and even Serafina, small details that may not matter too much but is it hard to dye hair? Already that is beside the point as the actors playing the characters did a very good job and i think were well chosen. I was a bit disappointed that the cut a fair bit out, the movie wasn't long and they could have easily added もっと見る in without it getting tedious, I was also disappointed with the ending as they didn't finished it in the same place as the 本 as i would have liked to have seen. All though i do think the movie was quite good for and adaptation of a book and did very well, but thats just my opinion.