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alisonfaith297 posted on Mar 21, 2011 at 09:16AM
request for what you wish to see in bones.

the obvious
B&B to get together!!!

yeah. really basic. anything you think should be in upcoming episode. POST IT!!!

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1年以上前 CZGIronMan said…
Everything will come in time dont worry about it :)
1年以上前 alisonfaith297 said…
lols. its what u want. i was just stating example.
1年以上前 kspilstead said…
I wish that we could see more Brennan and Angela interactions, and more Parker!
1年以上前 CZGIronMan said…
Well what i want its irrelevant,i trust in Hart hanson and his job and he is doing a great job so far whit the show,so pretty much im satisfied whit everything that appeared in the show so far :)
1年以上前 tvfan5 said…
B&B to get together, more Ang/Brennan heart-to-hearts, more Parker/Brennan/Booth, more Sweets/Brennan/Booth, more of those really raw/honest scenes between B&B.
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1年以上前 BonesMad3 said…
I agree with tv fan, you never see parker on bones anymore.
1年以上前 kspilstead said…
I want, in Season 7, for Booth and Brennan to get together but keep it a secret from everyone for a while. See how long they can fool everyone by trying to keep up the sexual tension, and not exploding into couply-ness in the middle of the lab.
1年以上前 BonesMad3 said…
Season 7:
1.B&B Scenes
2.At least 1 kiss
3.Bones with Hodgela baby
4.How they all work with and around a baby
5.More Bones, Booth and Parker
6.Gordon Gordon
7.ZACH!!! *sniffs*
8.Angelas birth name
9.What the dates were on those notes
10.What Bones wrote on that note during the grave digger episode
11.Real movement towards getting B&B together.
13.Sweets, Bones and Booth
14.Background on Booth
15.Background on Bones foster care
16.More Max
17.More Bones out on cases and KICKING ASS! :D
18.More undercover
19.Booth kicking ass again.
20.Eating at wong fu.