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Blue_Ink posted on Aug 01, 2010 at 02:42AM
I was wondering what your favorite case was. Not episode, case. Over the course of 100-something episodes, we've had some great--albeit morbid--murders. What was your favorite?

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1年以上前 ORi_4EvEr_Y0ung said…
Hm, that's hard, considering I intend to love every case that has to do with them xD

There are a lot in my list of faves, but I guess the one I prefer the most at the moment is the case of 'A night at the bones museum', the whole thing with the mummies and Brennan discovering the truth and changing history.

Really really loved that one :D
1年以上前 Blue_Ink said…
Oh, I love that one! I also love the one where the mother dies and the boy is kidnapped, and Booth rescues him at the end unharmed except for a missing finger. Can't remember the episode name though, sorry... Proof In The Pudding was great because I love conspiracies so the whole JFK thing rocked.
1年以上前 ORi_4EvEr_Y0ung said…
Oh, yeah, I know which one you're talking about. If I'm not mistaken, it's 'The woman in the car', episode 1x11. That was really cool too, and loved the BB moments at 'Proof in the pudding'.

I loved 'The witch in the wardrobe' from season 5, I'm really into this magic/witch stuff and the case was really really cool.

And I'll probably answer again when I remember another episode that I love xD
1年以上前 NCISaddicted said…
I like all the Gravedigger episodes, they're soo suspenseful!!