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MirkoST posted on Jul 08, 2010 at 06:53PM
I was watching an episode from Castle and obviously they dont solve mysteries through bones but the relationship between Castle and Kate is so "Bones" like...she behaves like Brennan and he has the whole Booth attitude. Does anyone else notice this or is it just me?

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1年以上前 JustAnn said…
Sort of. Kate is more mainstream than Bones and Castle's less serious than Booth. I definately think the show is heading toward them getting together.
1年以上前 thepunkfangirl said…
well i've definitely noticed that. What really bothers me is how Castle is a bestselling author and Brennan IS A BESTSELLING AUTHOR. Kate is probably more like 'normal' and stuff.. and Castle is more goofy. The whole show is more goofy. Plus both Bs: Beckett & Brennan, Castle & Booth like the girls more than the girls do, the girls try to shove away the feelings, CAstle & Booth have a kid, And Beckett & Breenan's moms were killed. But Castle & Beckett don't seem as close. They aren't even that great of friends. But maybe it'll change throughout the seasons. wow, i wrote a lot
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1年以上前 Sparky04 said…
I never really saw Castle.