BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- Ukrainian?

koi8-ua posted on May 08, 2010 at 07:41PM
It's about Bones s5e2 “The Bond in the Boot”

It looks like in USA nobody knows the geography because yours moviemakers still try to shove the message into middle-american mind that Ukraine and Russia is the same. Or americans are more smart?

WTF is ukrainian tortures in Chechnya? Chechnya is in Russia and is inner russian problem, not ukrainian!!! WTF is ukrainian tortures at all? WTF is ukrainian courier for russian diamond mines? Does Russia haven’t enough own?

Ukraine and Russia are different countries. They just were together in USSR but not now. It's so wrong to say about Ukraine and Russia is the same such as to say about California like about Spain colony.

It's a pity that american moviemakers have american TV watchers are considered as stupid. BTW "Bones" is presented as "serial for intellectuals". It's a shame.

Sorry for poor English.

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