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lucyfool posted on Oct 13, 2009 at 05:58PM
Hi, I am really sorry if this question has been answered previously but I'm scared to read the forum incase there are spoilers. I am in the uk and watch bones by streaming. I have not been able to find bones season 4 episode 26, I gave it a few months but I still cant find it and I cant start season 5 without it. Thank you for any help you can give me. Lucy

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1年以上前 natulle said…
Here you can wach all the episodes (;


Just remeber one thing in season 4 you have to click on the episode under the one you want to watch (They made an extra link for the last episode) It's because of the first double episode it's like that, season 1,2,3 and 5 are normale (;

I find hat the firs megavideo link often is good if you can see it and it's often the same link that's good everywhere (there are a lot of inks under each episode)(; You need to fide one that doesn't upload for along time for your own sake (;
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1年以上前 lucyfool said…
Oh wow just watched it!!! Thank you natulle, I've watched the first 4 of the new series now I've finished series 4 and its great, I've really missed it : )
1年以上前 natulle said…
You're welcome (; I'm glad you could use the links (; Now you only need to see the first episodes of season 5 (; What did you think about the finally ?
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1年以上前 lucyfool said…
gosh! I never replied how rude of me, sorry. Just found this! With respect to bones, I'm liking it still but I've read some terrible comments, maybe as a Brit I'm more grateful lol some nights after the soaps finish there is nothing to watch!