BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- Welcome newbies!

suu posted on Apr 04, 2009 at 04:06PM
Hey there!

The main reason that led me to start this forum was to give an opportunity for the newbies to get noticed.

I remember when I first came to Fanpop and didn’t really know anyone…
I know that sometimes we come across with not-so-friendly users but I assure you that most of the Bones fans aren’t like that.
I really feel comfortable being here in this spot. People seem to like most of the things I post and they usually rate and comment them (there are a lot of spots where, sadly, this doesn’t happen).

So, if you’re new to Fanpop or just to this spot and if you have any questions or need any help don’t be afraid to ask. We don’t bite!

I think I speak for most of the bones fans here when I say that we are more than happy to help you.

We are a terrific crew to hang out with here on Fanpop ! :)

One last thing, Welcome Newbies!

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1年以上前 Councilman said…
I agree with your assessment of the caliber of the those who post here on the Bones Forum and it carries over the majority of all those on Fanpop. There are some forums where many people are there to just be jerks and many fail to understand the basic reason most of us come to post. Some don't even understand the use of the language or the terminology I personally use and then get upset in their ignorance rather than trying to understand the meaning of what is said. One example is the use of the word ignorant. Many take it as meaning stupid rather than just not knowing and that is not at all what is intended.
I am personally amazed at the reach of the site bringing in fans of all ages from all over the world. It makes it a pleasure to come here and I for one enjoy reading posts and then looking to see their profiles and find that there are some young people from places as far away from the U.S. as Europe, and even South America with great attitudes who seem to be smarter than one might expect form a person of their age. I have seen some as young as 14 or 15 years old and it's great to see, and would include you "suu from Portugal" in my comments.
Great Topic. Thanks.
1年以上前 susie91 said…
I just joined Fanpop so I'm definitely a newbie here! I've been a fan of Bones for quite a long time, though.

Thank you for doing this topic.
I agree with what you said; since I'm just a newbie I don't really know how to work my way through all of you, long-time users.

I haven't been long enough on Fanpop so I haven't really had the change to talk with any of you yet, but from reading some of your posts and by seeing all the contents you guys add, you all seem really nice.
1年以上前 bonezrulez said…
big smile
I agree with Suu, I've been on this spot for a while. We may all be mad but we're lovely..(just like the cast of Bones). :)
1年以上前 spirited_away said…
i've had fanpop for ages, but i've not been on it until recently, so i didnt even know this spot existed! Been a fan of bones since about season 2 though.

You guys seem nice, from reading your posts and stuff :) Hope we get the chance to talk more.
I will admit its a bit daunting though! hahaha

This topic's a really good idea by the way! :D
1年以上前 renrae said…
I'm not sure I count as new, but I only know 4 out of 4225 people so I'm going to pretend I qualify.

My name is Regan, I'm a teenager (:P), and I love Bones.

But I'm assuming you already knew that last part because otherwise why would I be on here in the first place?
1年以上前 kotopoulaki said…
hey!nice idea for a forum btw!
i believe that in the Bones spot we're a really crazy big team!
i'm not in fanpop for a long time , just about 8 months , and the 89% of my time in here was in that spot!
i luv u guys as much as i luv Bones!
1年以上前 house_amy2 said…
big smile
I've been on Fanpop for quite a while now, especially on the House MD spot.
However, I only recently joined the Bones spot.
In the past, I've watched the show Bones occasionally. It was only last week, when I borrowed out the season 3 DVD of Bones. I stayed up to 3.a.m watching the DVD, and fell in love with the show. <3

Bones is a great show, and the people on this spot seem to be really friendly.
1年以上前 BondJBond said…
After reading what all of you wrote I feel like we just had a big group hug. I have only been to a few forums but I have to say it is nicer here at Fanpop than at some other sites. At least the caliber people are better here. And there are are people from all over the world. I have seen people from Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, Australia, Canada. Very nice to see all the people here getting along.
1年以上前 Cladra said…
All newbies, aww, I remember when I was one :D I think 99% of people in this spot found my picks and "icons" idiotic. But I got over it and I hope that you'll like me better now *lol*
I love getting new people around. Well, this isn't the forum for me. But I decided to post something, just get to know you(:
1年以上前 suu said…
big smile
BondJBond, it does feel like we just had a big group hug! :D
1年以上前 adrichan said…
Hi! I joined Fanpop a just a few weeks ago and I think that makes me a Newbie. My name is Adriana, I'm mexican and I'm a huge fan of the series. I haven't post any comments yet because I admit I'm a little shy to do it since the majority here are already well-known fans, but I love reading the comments that all of you post here. You all seem really nice people!
1年以上前 suu said…
Hi Adriana!

You should definitely start posting comments. I'm sure we all would love to read them :D

Btw, your icon is so cute!
1年以上前 Cladra said…
Hi adrichan, nice to meet you!
:---D just start commenting, people here are very kind!
I admit I was shy when I first came here, but I have got over it

And link you can get to know Bones fans little better :---) !
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1年以上前 renrae said…
Hi Adriana!

I feel like we're in a 'Bones Anon' meeting. :)
1年以上前 adrichan said…
Thanks Cladra for the tip. I guess I'll start commenting from now on.
1年以上前 Cladra said…
:-----D you're welcome adrichan! It's so nice to have more nice Bones fans :DD
1年以上前 ziva_rocks said…
big smile
Just wanted to say hey, i'm Joyce! I'm not new to fanpop but am new to Bones, Just finished Eppy 8 of Season 1 and i'm loving it so far!
1年以上前 ajhalecullen said…
big smile
Hi Joyce!!! I'm Adri, nice to meet you!! Hope you enjoy the Bones spot! People are really nice here! :)

Yes Bones is awesome, yesterday i dream B&B were married and have kids, what a nice dream :)

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1年以上前 jwiz214 said…
hi. again its jwiz214 I read about possible demise of ncis on AOL, not that makes any grain of truth. any way my idea probably wouldn,t go anywhere, RIGHT. it is amazing how many shows like BONES have same locale and same groups involved,e.g. fbi,smithsonian,etc. bye