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 My baby Bearded Dragon Tippie-Toe! Pic2 (last pic)
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Source: My web cam!
My 2nd pic of My baby bearded dragon Tippie-Toe 4 all to see!
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well i have gotten very board looking around the web for any info about the 次 sonic game and i something struck my mind what is your 10 お気に入り characters. please 一覧 them 1-10 1 being best 10 being worst

3-chip(or light giga of あなた will)
4-amy(love her hammer)

what are your お気に入り characters on the games または the shows. i Still will look for もっと見る info about the new sonic game comming out but as far as i know i only have the name of it......
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Hi, it's Vela again. On to the topic; I have had at leat 20 people ask me "New または old Sonic?" With no both option. This isn't just a 質問 that people ask others, it's appearing on アンケー and boards. No one gives a both option.
Now, I 愛 both old and new sonic. And this war has got to stop. At the very least あなた shouldn't yell at someone for saying both. (Happened to me twice.)
I'm starting to feel like an endangered species. Why do we need to fight over which Sonic is better? He's still the same Sonic. If あなた want a 2-D platforming romp they are still releasing them; Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic Advance Series. As for the newer Sonic ファン あなた have many deep and beautiful games to choose from; Sonic Unleashed, Sonic 06, Shadow the Hedgehog.
There's something for everyone. And I, being a ファン of both find the constant fighting meaningless. Why can't あなた just try and understand eachother?
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Most ファン fiction stories I have read have painted Blaze's realm as a constitutional monarchy with major restrictions on her power, including the ability to put her to trial または even confiscate the Sol Emeralds from her. This is understandable, since Blaze often claims a moral duty to her people during the Sonic Rush games, and the image of an absolute monarchy is one of corruption and tyranny, and generally has very negative connotations in the Western world. However, this is not to say absolute monarchs are incapable of caring または compassion for their people, they are just very rare due to the...
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