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 My baby Bearded Dragon Tippie-Toe! Pic2 (last pic)
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Source: My web cam!
My 2nd pic of My baby bearded dragon Tippie-Toe 4 all to see!
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So Blaze followed him, soon she was in the center of the village, again she saw Silver. He was talking to a Chipmunk. The シマリス, チンパンジー appeared to be sitting on a throne."Oh, she must be Princess Sally" She realized. "Maybe I should intoduce myself" She 発言しました to herself. So Blaze walked up to the 王位 and waited until Silver finshed talking. "Thank あなた Princess Sally, anyways I'm from the future I used to work at 城 Blaze, but now I'm looking for the Princess" Silver said. "Well, what's her name?" Sally asked. "I think it's Blaze, yes Princess Blaze" Silver said. Blaze gasped(eciply). "Maybe...
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Sonic 06 音楽 video tribute to Silver X Blaze, 人気 couple ^_^
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Name: Blaze (or Princess Blaze if あなた prefer to be formal)

Nicknames: N/A

Race: Cat
(If あなた choose to get technical and perhaps try to exact her particular *breed* of cat, then it would be wise to note her light purple hide lacking of any significant markings, lithe and compact form, and yellow eyes since they resemble the platinum dilute color of the Burmese breed, which in the UK is known as the ライラック Burmese breed: ライラック is a form of purple.)

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Date of birth: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown region on a parallel version of Sonic's world

Height: 95 centimeters (3 feet and...
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