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 burning blaze plushie
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a burning blaze doll i made.
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Dance Gangnam style! ^^
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SEGA has not been kind to the supporting cast lately. Sonic Boom looks promising, but being a spin-off set in an entirely different universe, it has little impact on the main line of Sonic games. Blaze has received the brunt of this treatment, as has every character besides Sonic, Eggman, and Tails (to an extent). However, Blaze has a problem unique to her likeness; Silver. He has also been sidelined as a result of SEGA's "Return to the Roots" approach to 最近 titles, but in most 最近 titles in which he does appear, he appears alongside Blaze. Silver happens to be quite the hit with the...
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ok and this is very true blaze may be a princess but she is still a little miserable.marine is an annoying little kid, her servants just serve her, and her best friend is far in the future.her newest friend (other than marine) are in other dimentions and cant see her much.aside from protecting the sol emeralds ,stopping nega , and running the kingdom she has nothing to do and no フレンズ she can have fun with the way she likes to play.sega should just send her to sonics dimention other wise she will be a poor, lonely soul forever and i dont want that i want her to be happy, to feel loved, to be cared for. Well im writeing a topic on the sega fourms about this and i wonder what thay will say about this.
Most ファン fiction stories I have read have painted Blaze's realm as a constitutional monarchy with major restrictions on her power, including the ability to put her to trial または even confiscate the Sol Emeralds from her. This is understandable, since Blaze often claims a moral duty to her people during the Sonic Rush games, and the image of an absolute monarchy is one of corruption and tyranny, and generally has very negative connotations in the Western world. However, this is not to say absolute monarchs are incapable of caring または compassion for their people, they are just very rare due to the...
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