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maryam1311 posted on Jun 08, 2011 at 07:33PM
Saw this on a different spot this is how it works.
^ Answers the question.
< Tell what you're doing.
v Ask a new question.

Is Chair the best couple in GG?

< Talking to my Best Friend
v What is your Dog name?

you can ask anything doesn't have to be Chair related

have fun just
Here's the question:
v: What was the last movie you saw
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1年以上前 clm-anomaly said…
^ It's Kind of a Funny Story

< Watching The Vampire Diaries

v What's your favorite color?
1年以上前 cintia_cs said…
^ Black

< Watching a volleyball match

v What's your favorite tv show?
1年以上前 maryam1311 said…
^ The Vampire Diaries

< dancing

v What is your fav couple?
1年以上前 xochuckandblair said…
^ Chair

< Texting

v What's your favorite movie?
1年以上前 clm-anomaly said…
^ The Boondock Saints

< Downloading music

v What's your favorite song that's been on GG?
1年以上前 maryam1311 said…
^ make me wanna die ( i love all of GG songs)

< About to go to bed.

v Chuck or Blair?
1年以上前 TeamB_Forever said…

eating something

Who is your OTP?
1年以上前 maryam1311 said…
^ Stelena&Delena

< Chatting

v Do you like Dean?
1年以上前 clm-anomaly said…
^ The guy from Supernatural? If so, I don't watch that show. Or did you make a typo and meant Dan? If so, I hate his pretentious guts.

< Researching colleges.

v What's your favorite season of Gossip Girl?
1年以上前 x0x0 said…
^ Season 2

< listen to my ipod

v what's the first episode of GG you saw?
1年以上前 lissettebyc said…
big smile
^1x01 espisode
< Watching TV
v What is your favorite CB quote?
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1年以上前 clm-anomaly said…
^ "...I love you so much it consumes me..."

< Watching the news.

v What country are you from?
1年以上前 maryam1311 said…

< Talking to friends.

V Fav food?
1年以上前 othpop6668 said…
^ Pancakes

< Listening to radio 1

V Favourite band/musician?
1年以上前 clm-anomaly said…
^ Incubus

< Watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey

v Favorite place in the world?
1年以上前 ogustavomelo said…
^ My House (Rio, Brazil)

< Watching Friends

v Favorite song?
1年以上前 Vampsessed said…
^ Ellie Goulding - Anything Could Happen
< Listening to a Cover of this song.
v Blair or Chuck?