Blair & Chuck CHAIR 4-ever

hiphopbaby88 posted on Jun 07, 2011 at 09:30PM
Since I saw GG for the first time I knew they are meant to be no matter what. They are the only reason I watch GG. They are just perfect for each other. They both hot, they know what they want and what to do to get what they want. I cried so much watching the final episode of season 4. Can't believer Blair really chose this stupid frensh clown. ANd why does Chuck always think he couldn't make her happy? Come on, you're the only one who can make Blair really happy. I just hope they will end up together in season 5. And before they do maybe a couple episodes of those hate-sex scenes. I just love War at roses. I could watch this scene all day. Chuck is so fucking hot... his voice is incredibly sexy and hot...

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