Blair & Chuck 上, ページのトップへ 5 Chuck and Blair moments!

3_ThePretender posted on Mar 07, 2010 at 03:07AM
Just write down your five favourite CB moments in order! :)

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1年以上前 laurahei said…
#1 "i love you too" (2x25)
#2 hospital scene (3x12)
#3 limo scene (1x07)
#4 "so the next time you forget your blair waldorf..." (3x04)
#5 "i love you so much that it consumes me" (2x25)

that was hard! but my opinion can change quickly, there's so much amazing moments <3
1年以上前 crazychlo said…
1. Hug scene - 2x13
2. Limo scene - 1x07
3. I love you too - 2x25
4. Hospital scene - 3x12
5. 'Because I love her and I cant make her happy' - 2x23

Blairs ily was a close 5th. Agree with laurahei, that was VERY hard.
1年以上前 NJBCfan said…
1. I love you too 2x25
2. Hug scene 2x13
3. Rooftop scene 2x14
4. Hospital scene 3x12
5. Limo scene 1x07
1年以上前 ForeverChair said…
1.(2x25)I love you too...
2.(1x7) limo scene
3.(2x13)Chuck-Why would you do that? Blair-Because I love you.
4.(2x13)Hug Scene
5.(4x09)If two people are meant to be together,eventually they'll
find their way back...
1年以上前 lissettebyc said…
heart scene (1x07) you too! (2x25)
3.I have you that's all I need(3x08)
4. The Witches of Bushwick (Chair Moments)(4x09)
5.You carry me! (Hospital scene)(3x12)
1年以上前 DirtyDiamond said…
1. I love you too 2x25
2. Limo scene 1x07
3. Hospital scene 3x12
4. Rooftop scene 2x14
5. Outside the Saints & Sinners Ball scene 4x09
1年以上前 Kackahaluzova said…
1. I love you too 2x25
2. Hospital scene 3x12
3. Limo scene 1x07
4. Train scene 4x02
5. I'm Chuck Bass and I love you 3x04