Blair & Chuck Theories About 100th Episode ***Contains Spoilers***

amshafe posted on Dec 19, 2011 at 08:49AM
I have a theory about all the spoilers that have been coming out.

Supposedly, there's something that will make Dair fans' hearts "explode". Now this seemed like crappy news for us, but I'm not so sure.

We know that Blair takes off in her wedding dress, and there have been spoiler pictures released of her wearing a wedding band.

This could be a trick to confuse us.

Or it could be real, but I definitely don't think she's going to marry Louis.

Whether she's really wearing the ring or not, I think Blair is going to "run away" with Dan.

BUT not in a romantic way, just to get away from the paps and Louis, and to keep them away from Chuck. That would explain why there were pictures of Dan and Blair at the airport. Dan would act as Blair's decoy. She might even pretend to have married Dan which would explain the wedding band and why Serena looks pissed at Blair in those spoiler pictures, but I know that may be too far even for GG. But this is all ultimately so Blair can be with Chuck.

The other possibility I've been thinking about, which is off the wall I know, is that Blair runs away with Dan as a decoy, but he takes her to Chuck right away.

And that would also explain the pictures of Blair in the red Reem Acra gown and Chuck in formal wear. And they were both filming at the Empire, supposedly for the 16th episode.

So this could indicate they are back together at this point, no matter what happen.

Thoughs? Other theories??

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1年以上前 laurik2007 said…
wow! so many theories....I don't know what to think about the Dair photos at the airport ... It could be possible ...never say never..
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1年以上前 amshafe said…
^I was having fun thinking about it. :) I just don't think it's going to be anything people expect.