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Fan fiction by emmagossipgirl7 posted 1年以上前
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what's wrong georgie?!
please review i woul 愛 to know how to make my story better i dont think it's that good.
GG: Spotted an arguement between Georgina sparks and a certain bass. why did あなた return G? we all want to know it is a little odd. also spotted blair listening in on the conversation tell us what they're saying B.

Blair had been wondering all week about why georgina was back. of course she knew she was looking revenge but that was two years ago. she was on her way to chuck's when she heard yelling around the side of the palace and decided to listen in. she could tell the female voice was georgina.

G: look the only reason im doing this is because im with you. if i had wanted revenge i would have done it two years 前 but i dont feel like losing my hair again. it wasnt pleasent then and it still wont be now. so whatever your problem is with chuck, do what あなた need to do so we can go back to australia.
J: look if i win this war with chuck i get ベース industries and me and あなた 移動する here and i'll spoil あなた with things georgina. and あなた can do whatever tricks あなた want on serena and blair and あなた wont be...
Fan fiction by emmagossipgirl7 posted 1年以上前
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serena's present
GG: wow who would have thought 4 months would have passed so soon. あなた upper east siders havent give me any gossip for them past 4 months. when did あなた all get so boring, but today is graduation and i plan to have my cake and eat it または gossip and post it. come on i know you're hiding something.

St. judes and constance high school:
(Chuck, blair, nate and serena all sitting in the courtyard and ready for graduation)

B: can あなた belive it finally high school is over and i get to find some new people to terrorise.
S:(laughs) B あなた never change. although i dont think im going to go to brown.
B: what? serena seriously. why?
C: blair's ロスト it.
B: shut up bass, but why?
S: im going to take a 年 out and find a job, im just not ready to go to college.
B: at least あなた got into an ivy college im stuck going to NYU.
(Chuck and Nate look at each other)
N: あなた didnt?
C: i did i just havent told her yet.
B: told me what? what's going on bass?
List by LoveMeABasshole posted 1年以上前
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1. I want Jack ベース to make a (longer) reappearance.

2. I want Dan to fall for Charlie, so he can stop interfering with Chair.

3. I want Nate to prove that yes, he does have a brain.

4. I want Serena to prove that no, she doesn't need to sleep with as many guys as possible to feel good about herself.

5. I want Blair to prove that she's still capable of being a scheming bitch, but I don't want her scheming to be aimed towards Chuck.

6. I want Chuck to prove that he has matured and values Blair もっと見る than anything else in the world, including his hotel.

7. I want Blair to realize that she never really liked Humphrey to begin with, and the キッス they shared was a moment of temporary insanity.

8. I want Chuck to be the good guy and Dan to be the bad guy.

9. I want Blair to come running back to Chuck.

10. I want to see Georgina and Blair plotting together against a shared enemy.
Fan fiction by emmagossipgirl7 posted 1年以上前
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look who's queen!
enjoy and please review im addicted to 書く these and i have wrote in a while.
GG: good morning upper east siders good news is im going to tell あなた who i am... oh あなた are all so gulliable あなた should know thats never going to happen. but what did happen is our dark prince and クイーン B are back and ready to kill anyone who tries to get in the way of their happiness. be afraid be very afraid.

(In the courtyard at school blair walks over to chuck who is sitting on his own)

B: ughhh!
C: rough day?
B: penelope, hazel, iz and nelly have decide that i've shown some weakness and dethrowned me. penelope has decide to take my place she isnt even bitchy enough to take my place!
C: calm down i know someone who has information on them well last i heard.
B: who? i'll crush penelope!
C:(laughs) i heard jenny humphrey has some gossip on them from when she helped out nelly.
B: really. damm last time i spoke to jenny we werent on the best of terms
Fan fiction by emmagossipgirl7 posted 1年以上前
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did you not think bass was an ass B?!
hope あなた enjoy my latest installment of chuck and blair.
GG: it's morning again and it has been three weeks and still no sighs of our Dark Prince getting better. for our クイーン B it is a long wait dont worry B he'll be fine... but thats just my opinion.

At the hospital:

(Chuck has bruised ribs and had to get several stitches. he has been unconsious ever since the accident and the doctors say he can probably hear them. blair hasnt left his bedside unless a doctor または her mother forces her to leave.)

S(Serena): あなた need to come get something to eat B
B: no im not leaving.
S: B your problem. if chuck wakes up and you're lying in a hospital ベッド it's not going to do much good.
B: this is my fault S. i deserve to be lying there not him. if i had just forgive him he wouldnt be lying here right now.
S: blair none of this is your fault. あなた know chuck even if it was a toy car coming for あなた he would have stopped it.
Opinion by emmagossipgirl7 posted 1年以上前
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whats wrong C?!
this is a sad episode. based around 2x13.
GG: the death of a loved one drive peoples emotions wild. they cry, they act out and in a certain basses case they cut of all communication to the outside world so あなた cant tell what they're really feeling. so what do あなた feel about the death of daddy C?

The waldorf apartment:
(Blair has been trying to get in touch with chuck for three days since his father died and he wont answer his phone)

B: Chuck call me back when あなた decide to check your messages. im worried about you.
E(Elenor): he'll call あなた when he's ready blair sit down and eat your breakfast. knowing bart his funeral wont be short.
B: mother あなた dont know chuck as well as i do. he's stubborn and quite insulting when he gets upset.
E: well i havent seen あなた leave the house to try and talk to him
B: because he probably wont let me in the door.
E: well go see, but eat your breakfast first.
Fan fiction by emmagossipgirl7 posted 1年以上前
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who are you spying on B?!
hope あなた enjoy my extra long script today. dont worry it's not the end.
GG: i have been getting pictures of B sneeking around all week but not one person can find out what she's searching for. do あなた know C? we could really use someones help. also serena バン der woodsen checking into a hotel. there must be some scandle somewhere. gossip girl is feeling cheeky.

At the palace hotel in chuck's suite:
(chuck and blair are having a drink)

C: あなた have to stop stalking your best friend!
B: i cant she's hiding something from me we never keep secrets.
C:(chuck gives her a sarcastic look)
B: anymore. i just want her to tell me the truth. plus i have a feeling it has something to do with nate... and thats were あなた come in.
C: no no no blair im not stalking nate.
B: i dont want あなた to stalk him ask him about serena and stuff try to get something out of him.
C: fine but i dont see why あなた want to know anyway it's their life let them live it whatever way they want.
Opinion by emmagossipgirl7 posted 1年以上前
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what do you know C?!
enjoy my latest entry i know that the last one had hardly any chuck and blair but i like to throw in other charecters too.
GG: in the city that never sleeps alot can happen.
spotted leaving the バン der ベース apartment Nate at 9am. what happened last night nate we're just dying to know.

waldorf apartment:

(serena and blair were in the living room watching audrey hepburn and eating popcorn)

B: something あなた want to tell me S?
S: no why?
B: i seen gossip girl this morning what was nate doing leaving your house at 9 o'clock.
S: nothing. me and nate are フレンズ again.
B: just フレンズ または フレンズ with benifits?
S: god chuck has your mind wired (laughs). me and nate stayed up talking it got to late for him to go ホーム so he stayed in chuck's room. considering he didnt come home.
B: i dont care if あなた 日付 nate it's just you're with lonely boy and あなた seem happy. i dont want あなた to mess up your own happiness.
Fan fiction by emmagossipgirl7 posted 1年以上前
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new golden couple
enjoy keep an eye out for the 次 episode
GG: morning upper east siders. its been 3 days since chuck and blair went public. our dark prince and クイーン B. thats a couple even satan wouldnt approve of. what will nate think...

バン der ベース apartment:
(Chuck and Blair are sitting on the sofa)

B: Nate's coming ホーム today.
C: Yes so i'm getting ready to explain によって spending most of my time with you.
B:(laughs) technicly he cant do anything, me and him were broken up.
C: you're still his Ex. but i dont care what nate thinks.
B: good plus if he tries to make あなた seem like the bad guy just say that he slept with my bestfriend when me and him were dating.
C: that will clearly make him still want to be my friend.
B: yes it will
(Serena enters)
S: あなた ready B
B: Yes. Nate will be fine. (Gets up and kisses him)
C: im sure he will be
S: i forgot Nate was coming back today. but im still stealing your girlfriend.
Fan fiction by emmagossipgirl7 posted 1年以上前
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what happened last night?!
hope あなた enjoy it i'll right episode 4 tomorrow
GG: こんにちは upper east siders its the 次 日 and i dont have any evidence on how chuck and blair's 日付 went. get me anything あなた can because あなた know how i 愛 a scandle.

Waldorf apartment:

(blair is getting her nails done によって dorota)

B: god i hate that basshole.
D: what happened miss blair?
B: nothing last night didnt happen i had a boring night in and did not go on a 日付 with that chuck bass'tard.
D: well whatever happened maybe it is a misunderstanding.
B: no its chuck being chuck, he's so far up his own arse that he doesnt care what he does.
D: maybe i can help if... (Interrupted)
B: he really puts the 尻, お尻 in bass

バン der ベース apartment:

(serena is talking to chuck)

S: how did things go with blair last night?
C: not so good
S: oh no what happened?
Fan fiction by emmagossipgirl7 posted 1年以上前
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what happened B?!
hope あなた enjoy my 秒 episode
GG:spotted. Blair waldorf coming out of Chuck's limo and 4am. long night B. what did あなた get up to thats what i want to know. nothing like a good scandle to wake あなた up in the morning.

waldorf apartment:

(dorota enters blair's room)

D: Miss Blair あなた have school today.
B: im not going!
D: Miss Blair あなた have to go today あなた have a test remember.
B: i dont care im not going
D: this test is going on your school record what about yale?
(Blair comes up from under the sheets)
B: fine but only for yale.
D: did あなた and Miss serena make up
B: i will never make up with the two faced 雌犬 god i hate her.
D: is something wrong Miss Blair? did something happen last night?
B: no why would あなた say that?
D: あなた seem worried about school.
B: Im fine but i just dont want to see some certain people today thats all.
Fan fiction by emmagossipgirl7 posted 1年以上前
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what are you up to chuck?!
hope あなた enjoy this script of chuck and blair's 愛 story. あなた can also read my season five finale page on the gossip girl ファン site または go to my page.
GG: rise and shine upper east siders today is another 日 full of sex, lies and scandle. i hear N and B broke up last night after finding out that N slept with S. deepest condolenses B.

(Blair wakes up to see chuck standing in her room)
B: what are あなた doing in my room
C: あなた havent read gossip girl, the post went up last night that あなた and nate broke up.
B: yes thats true but it still doesnt explain why あなた are in my room
C: I came to check on あなた thats what フレンズ are for.
B: あなた now または never will be considered my friend, you're a perv and i think all あなた want it to get laid am i right.
C:(Smiles) you're always ready to assume the worst of me
(Moves over to her ベッド and sits beside her)
B: but am i wrong chuck?
Opinion by clm-anomaly posted 1年以上前
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Congratulations, Lissette!
Congrats Lissette on winning Chair FOTM for April! How does it feel?
I feel happy for being choosen. Thank あなた for voting for me. And I hope all of u like it.

1. Before we get started, why don’t あなた tell us something about yourself?
My name is Lissette, I live in Spain (sorry for my english) :P I am a big ファン of Chair and I wouldn't change that for anything :D

2. How did あなた become a ファン of Gossip Girl?
I saw the comercial for it on the TV and I loved it. Then they stopped 表示中 it, but I kept on watching it on the internet and I couldn't stop watching it xD

3. When did your interest in Chair start? When did あなた start actually shipping them?
My interest for chair started since the first time I saw them. They make a great couple and I 愛 the kind of games they have. They aren't a common couple.

4. Where does CB rank on your お気に入り Gossip Girl pairings? Your お気に入り TV couples?
Opinion by xochuckandblair posted 1年以上前
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Courtney's other favorite couple, Jate!
I’m happy to present our March FOTM interview (sorry it’s so delayed) with Courtney, an amazing member of the CB spot and a great friend of mine! She’s a true CB ファン and definitely deserves this honor. Now let’s get on to the interview!

Congratulations Courtney! あなた totally deserve this! How does it feel to be Chair FOTM?
Thanks, J! It feels amazing. My 愛 for Chair has skyrocketed in the last few months, and it’s such an honor to be considered worthy of this タイトル によって people who are definitely bigger ファン than I.

1. Tell us something new about yourself.
Hmm. I live in Alaska, in case anyone didn’t know that. God, I am so boring, I honestly have nothing left to put here. Haha.

2. When did あなた start watching Gossip Girl, and why?
I started watching with the Pilot, because I had been a ファン of the 本 for about a 年 before the 表示する came out. And when I saw the promos for it, I was intrigued.

Review by vivalavida posted 1年以上前
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"The way we viewed it, I think it's very clear that Blair is not afraid in those moments, for herself. They have a volatile relationship, they always have, but I do not believe—or I should say we do not believe—that it is abuse when it's the two of them. Chuck does not try to hurt Blair. He punches the glass because he has rage, but he has never, and will never, hurt Blair. He knows it and she knows it, and I feel it's very important to know that she is not scared—if anything, she is scared for Chuck—and what he might do to himself, but she is never afraid of what he might do to her. Leighton and I were very clear about that."

^ Here he 発言しました it. The Gossip Girl BOSS 発言しました that, and I'm glad that they went through the scene and interpreted it like I did.

Honestly, I can't uderstand all this Chuck hate for this episode. We all know that Chuck is a very complicated and conflicted character, he screws up most of the times and he still has the same big fear of loosing everyone he loves - but we wouldn't be Chair ファン if we didn't realize it since the very beginning, would we?
Opinion by Stephxcullen posted 1年以上前
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Doing a Read-More, I’ve already 発言しました some of these but I’ll just repeat them so I can just concentrate on Dan/Blair :

Blair doesn’t have feelings for Dan
She only likes him as a friend, and tells him so.
Dan likes her a bit but knows she still loves Chuck.
Blair decides to be with Chuck but Chuck ruins it so she changes her mind and isn’t going to be with him until he’s ready.
The Prince comes and Blair goes into this “fairytale” mind set and basically isn’t living in reality.
She fakes being with Dan for like one scene so that she can secretly 日付 the Prince
Serena freaks out and tells the Prince that Dair has been dating even though they haven’ts (she’s jealous/angry that Blair kissed Dan)
Chuck VS. Prince is going to happen. Blair has to choose between them two, NOT DAN. He’s not a contender.
Dan gets with Charlie who is Serena’s cousin.
So, Dair doesn’t happen. Blair has to choose between her white prince/dark prince and Dan is going to be somewhat with Charlie. THE END.
List by ArthurGwen posted 1年以上前
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Episode 3.01 - Reversals Of Fortune

Blair: It's been three hours. I missed you

Blair: Summer was great. We had a lot of fun. Maybe summer's over.
Chuck: Okay, if that's what あなた want.
Blair: Is that what あなた want?
Chuck: I want あなた to be happy. However that's achieved

Blair: What if we need games? What if without them we're boring?
Chuck: We can never be boring.
Blair: あなた say that, but I know you. You're Chuck Bass.
Chuck: I'm not Chuck ベース without you.

Episode 3.02 - The Freshman

Blair: あなた okay?
Chuck: I am now.

Episode 3.03 - The ロスト Boy

Chuck: I've been meeting with the board of ベース Industries all morning. I told them I wanna cash my shares out. Risk it all, on my own. They think I've ロスト my mind.
Blair: Have you?
Chuck: No.
Blair: Then how can あなた be so sure?
Chuck: Because あなた believe in me. Now I've booked the penthouse. What do あなた say we christen my legacy? または do あなた need to be bribed?
Opinion by iLoveChair posted 1年以上前
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It feels amazing and it's awesome to be recognized for it!
I'm happy to present our February FOTM with the amazing Julia, very loyal CB ファン since the very beginning spreading the 愛 for them everywhere she gets and greatly contributing to this spot. So well deserved! Without further ado, here's her interview. :)

1. Congrats on winning Julia! How does it feel to be a Chair FOTM?
It feels amazing! I've been a huge Chair ファン for years, but it's only recently that I started getting involved in the spot, and it's awesome to be recognized for it! I'm so happy that a bunch of us contributed to making the CB spot active again!

2. Standard question: Tell us something about yourself that we don't know yet.
Well, I live in New Jersey in the United States and I was born on May 21, 1995, making me a sophomore in high school and probably one of the youngest people here on the CB spot! Haha. That's pretty much it, lol.

3. What got あなた hooked on Gossip Girl?
Opinion by ArthurGwen posted 1年以上前
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I don`t understand the 愛 for Dair. Chair are epic and Chair are epic. look chuck & blair have so many memorable moments.
1x07-limo sex.and their first kiss.how can anyone even compare the dair キッス to chair`s limo kiss/ sex.i mean dairs got freeze-framed! and blair looked like she just wanted to do it fast so it`s over.gosh the most passionless キッス EVER.they have absolutely no chemistry whereas cb...need i say it?

and it goes on and on.is epic speech at bart and lilys wedding.and the look on his face.aaaw. 1x10 how hurt he was when she slept with nate.when she tells him she loves him.all the scenes.even when he`s mean there`s chemistry.:D like when he tells her she is like one of his dad`s old horses.

and dair? seriously.cb belong together.and when chuck doesn`t get his 尻, お尻 out of the door and fights for blair i will get very angry.

Like あなた know about the first Dair kiss...I HATE DAIR もっと見る THAN ANYTHING...but even if i was a dair shipper i would say that that キッス was bullshit and throw sth at the tv.
Opinion by cintia_cs posted 1年以上前
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I am proud to present, even if a little late, the January FOTM interview with the awesome Natasha. Congrats, hun! あなた deserve it!! :)

1.Tell us something interesting about yourself that we don't know.

Hmm, not sure what あなた don’t know about me yet, some of あなた know more, but the basic stuff is that I’m from Macedonia, born 年 1989, studying languages and I’m obsessed with everything France related. I kinda have an OCD of keeping things in order and symmetrical. I like to change hairstyles and hair color pretty often. I’m pretty much obsessed with my hair, sometimes when I don’t like how it looks like, I might not go out または not even go to uni and skip classes. These are all the fun facts I can think of for me right now.

2.How do あなた feel about winning FOTM?

I feel very flattered and happy all at once. I think this 月 some of those that haven’t won yet and are constantly nominated deserved to win もっと見る than me, so thanks everyone for choosing me for FOTM. It’s a great feeling. Especially considering the fact that I got chosen out of many amazing CBers who daily participate in this...
Opinion by laurik2007 posted 1年以上前
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...then, I watched the scene in Blair's bedroom in 1x03 and I fell in love with them completely. After that, my love for them only grew stronger with each episode.
I am proud to pass on my crown of fotm to the one and onlylink あなた are an amazing CB ファン and あなた so deserve this! Congrats Girl!

All right, now let's dive right into the good stuff...

1.Hey Cintia! First of all tell us something about you.

Hey!! Umm.. I'm not the most interesting person, really.. I'm a bit of a weirdo, although I think the term unique would be もっと見る politically correct. ;) I also have an unhealthy number of obsessions and I have a passion for the ファンタジー and sci-fi genres.

2. How does it feel to be the new CB ファン of the Month?

Awesome!? I think it's pretty cool, considering how much I 愛 CB and this spot. Thanks everyone who voted for me! :)

3.When did あなた become a CB shipper? Scene, Season?

I started watching the 表示する because I had heard a lot of good things about CB, so I had my attention on them since the pilot. Then, I watched the scene in Blair's bedroom in 1x03 and I fell in 愛 with them completely. After that, my 愛 for them only grew stronger with...
Opinion by LaPiccolaFra posted 1年以上前
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1. Congratulations Laura! First of all tell us a funny episode of your life または something funny about yourself.

Thank あなた Fra! Something Funny…Hmm let me think: I like Guy Stuff, yeah have a little laugh, but It’s true, for example I play football and basketball, I like loose clothes and my bff is a guy. To weird? I guess not!

2. Now it’s time to do an embrassing speech about あなた winning FOTM and being extremly grateful! ;)

Well to tell あなた the truth I am grateful. I’m so happy to see this spot up and about like in the old days. And thanks to あなた guys for making it happening!

3. Ok let’s begin with the real questions. Tell us what do あなた 愛 もっと見る about Chair and why they are one of your favourite couples!

Wow so many things! Where to start? The story, the characters, the chemistry, their scenes it’s all there making the perfect 愛 story, how not to fall in 愛 with them? I mean they are the ハート, 心 of Gossip Girl, they make every episode worth watching, did I mentioned the sexual chemistry? :)
Guide by cintia_cs posted 1年以上前
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So, a while 前 I had the idea of putting together a collection of the best CB fics I've read. And I guess now would be the perfect time to actually do that, since we're all in need of good CB storylines and we won't get that from the 表示する for a while. I should warn you, though, that most fics I like are full of drama and angst. Also, I don't really care for CB getting married and having a bazillion children.

This is a work in progress, as I'm trying to find some good stories I read a while 前 and didn't bookmark. I'll also keep adding the リンク to good stories I read in the future. And if あなた know any good fics that are not here, please, leave a comment. ;)

My absolute favorites!

link - Best one shot I've ever read :)

Author's description: Chair with attempted symbolism. "She wasn't supposed to want the wild side. She wasn't supposed to have those deep desires of flesh on flesh and blood thrumming like a primal drum. So she pretended she didn't and no one was the wiser. No one except one."
Fan fiction by GGirl_CB4BW posted 1年以上前
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adult content....

Epilogue Part 2

Italics are basically flashbacks recalling the events of the 前 night (night of Blair's welcome back)


Chuck had asked to be excused as he picked Eliza up and walked to a private booth to speak with her. At first Eliza was afraid that her daddy was angry with her for the way she had behaved, but her assured her otherwise and she was quite happy and satisfied after their father/daughter chat...


[i]"Ok princess, spill, what was all that about? Did mummy put あなた up to it?" asked Chuck as he and Eliza entered a private booth. He had noticed the fact that mother and daughter had been trying to get to Vanessa throughout their ディナー and it just seemed as though they had the whole thing planned out.

"No daddy, it's not mummy's fault, I just don't like Vanessa! Am I in trouble?" she asked timidly, scared that her father was going to punish her and desperate for her daddy not to assume it was Blair's fault, she hated causing trouble...
Fan fiction by GGirl_CB4BW posted 1年以上前
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こんにちは こんにちは readers! Guess what…..It's AN EPILOGUE!

WOW I know….it's been ages…I usually never take so long to update a story but I had trouble thinking of an appropriate way to end the story!

I know since I've taken so long, I kind of forgot how to write this story….so sorry if the 書く style または the mood doesn't fit in with the rest of the fic!

It's in two parts…because it was so long, the 次 part will be 投稿されました tomorrow または the 日 after…


"Do あなた think she'll get angry with me daddy?" asked 5 年 old Eliza Waldorf-Bass, pulling her father down によって the 襟, 首輪 to whisper in his ear.

Her father chuckled and picked up his daughter, cuddling her tightly, "don't worry princess, if mummy gets angry, it'll be directed at me, not her little girl," he smirked, trying to imagine the look on his wife's face when she fell for their little prank. Blair had been away for a whole week, in France visiting Harold, her father, who had gotten a little sick from the cold winter weather. She hadn't wanted to take Eliza with her just in case her...