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List by Cas_Cat_2 posted 1年以上前
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Here's a 一覧 of all the great musics that we heard everytime that Blair and Chuck were on tv. :)

Episode 1.01 - Pilot

"If It's Lovin' That あなた Want (Part 2)" によって リアーナ Feat. Corey Gunz
ディナー Party, before Blair takes Nate into her room

"What Goes Around...Comes Around" によって Justin Timberlake
ディナー Party, after Serena leaves

"Hard to Live in the City" によって Albert Hammond Jr.
Limo ride to the "kiss of the lips" party

"The Gift" によって 天使 & Airwaves
Blair and Chuck watch Serena leave with Dan

Episode 1.02 - The Wild Brunch

"Tell Me 'Bout It" によって Joss Stone
Blair, Chuck and the group having Brunch

"The クイーン And I" によって Gym Class Heroes
Chuck gives Blair the key to his suite

"Shut Up And Drive" によって リアーナ
Blair reveals Serena's secret infront of Dan and the group
Guide by Cas_Cat_2 posted 1年以上前
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Blair Waldorf:

Blair is described as a 5'4" and slender, with brilliant blue eyes and a fox-like face. During the first three books, her hair was long, but she chopped it into a pixie cut in Because I'm Worth It. A hopeless romantic who idolizes Audrey Hepburn, Blair's sensitive side contrasts with her tendency to be bitchy and controlling. She is rather vain, though her friendship with uber-girl Serena バン der Woodsen causes her to be insecure at times. Blair uses her charm, money, and social clout to get whatever she wants. Her father, once an uptight lawyer, now lives in a French シャトー with his various gay 恋愛中 and his two adopted Cambodian sons, Ping and Pong. Her mother is flaky, society hostess Eleanor Waldorf Rose, who married Cyrus Rose. She has a younger brother, Tyler; a step-brother, Aaron; and a baby sister, Yale (who Blair named after her お気に入り school). She has a turbulent relationship with Nate Archibald throughout the series, losing him to other girls several times, including Jenny Humphrey and her sometimes-best-friend Serena. Blair now attends Yale University, the school of her dreams.
Opinion by tareva1451 posted 1年以上前
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OMG where to start where to start.... tonights episode once again was great.... i dont know if it was just me being emotional または what but parts of it made me cry! This episode was sad sexy hott romantic and intriging all at once!!!

the episode starts off with chuck at his house drinking it up and looks like he is igsausted.. (sorry if あなた havent figured it out によって now im a horrible speller)..anyways あなた can so tell he is not dealing with this whole blair and marcus thing very well... it is clearly putting a strain on him .. he confided in both nate and serena about this in scenes further into the episode as well. First thing he says to nate in their scene is have あなた sceen blair and marcus lately ... if thats not odvious i dont know what is ... and when talking to serena he admits to having a problem "preforming" with the ladies b/c his distraction about blair is blocking him... i though this was halarious ... especially because this gives him the idea to use this as an excuss to try and get with blair "once last time"... and serena responds によって saying " あなた are not going to use blair as sexual draino!...lol too funny... and yet so true ... although he wouldnt quite be...
Opinion by tareva1451 posted 1年以上前
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b+c in tonights episode was just great!! Although there werent very many romantic scenes between them to the chemistry was deffinatly there! (but lets face it anytime they are together there is chemistry!..right?)anyways the first b=c scene was in a resturant blair and marcus where having lunch together when blair steps outside to call serena chuck dips in to "talk" with marcus. really he is scheming his way! ya know keep your フレンズ close and your enemies closer, well that is exactly what i think chuck is doing he starts the scene によって just geting to know marcus while actually waiting for blair to come and find him , which of course she does and あなた can just tell in her face that her ハート, 心 skips a beat weither it be good または bad , whenever she sees chuck! they then go into a banter of why hes there i loved this because it was typical b+c behavior ya know their luv hate thing they have. chuck evetually leaves but not before getting an invite to go play squash with marcus!

While playing squash with marcus....(need i say how freaking cute chuck is play squash!!) chuck gets もっと見る info from marcus about him and blair he finds out that marcus is hesitant to introduce blair to...
Opinion by tareva1451 posted 1年以上前
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ok well i have been a major ファン of chuck and blair since 日 one but since the finale last season i have loved them もっと見る than ever i have decided to start 書く 記事 about what i think about blair and chuck in every episode just for anyone who is listening..( または 読書 for that matter).lol
well tonights episode was at least an 9 on a scale from 1-10 for b+c !!! it was great i mean i dont usally get all emotional about them but tonights episode really got me .. lets start with the first b+c scene with her getting of bus and him waiting there oh so cute with his お花 and everything all i could think was Aww then it happened she kissed that marcus guy... blah that sucked but at the same time it was great cause it was typical blair for ya .. i mean it was so " haha あなた didnt think id be still crying over あなた did you"..lol but the dissapoint ment in chucks face 発言しました it all ... i 愛 when he shows his vonerable side even when hes not meaning to like then ... あなた can tell he loves her and she wouldnt have went throught the whole trouble of geting a "fake boyfriend if she didnt feel the same way...
Opinion by Praesse posted 1年以上前
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It is old, so in those reasons aren't some like
"In the face of true 愛 あなた don't just give up, even if the object of your affection is begging あなた to." lol ;)

R e a s o n s;
001. Because let's face it, they would be so hot!
002. Because she could be herself around him.
003. Because he'd totally tap that.
004. Because they've barely had any scenes and we already 愛 them.
005. Because these two are an obsession!
006. Because they're bringing sexy back!
007. Because together they're invincible.
008. Because they would rule the school.
009. Because we want to see that limo scene again, but with only the two of them this time.
010. Because Nate would be so jealous.
011. Because they make scarves look sexy.
012. Because they look at each other and the world stops.
013. Because they could be just what each other need.
014. Because they would steam up our TV screens.
015. Because we know he wants his best friend's girlfriend.
Opinion by jlhfan624 posted 1年以上前
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I want to thank all the 399 ファン who have joined this since the 日 I opened it! People like あなた make the 愛 for this couple grow and grow every day! We have finally reached our 400 mark! Why is this significant, あなた ask? We have the most ファン of any other Gossip Girl couple on here によって far! We were the first GG couple spot to open, and we are moving higher and higher up on the couples & shipping section. Keep adding your images, videos, picks, links, topics, etc. Keep this place growing! Thank あなた all for joining, you're the best ever!!

The picture of the cake is actually my birthday cake (my birthday is tomorrow) and I got the idea to decorate a cake to celebrate the 400 mark from     Sharingan226. Thank you!! So here it is. I know it's dorky, but it says "Happy 400!" I wanted it to say "Happy 400th Blair & Chuck" but it wouldn't fit so sorry! This will have to do! :D
Opinion by brucaslove4eva1 posted 1年以上前
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Blair and Chuck are a great couple. And many knew that from the moment that the two kissed. but for some reason the writers got rid of the couple and went back to Blair and Nate, and now Blair is single.
This may not make sense, but i think that one of the reasons for this, is Chuck. No it's not because he's too mean または too much of a jerk. He was too nice and soft.
Chuck was there for Blair when they were together as he was falling for her. And that softened the hard cover of the jerky, upper class, snobby, player. And that may have scared him and he was losing his image. *being a jerk and a player*
Chuck may seem like the kind of guy that no matter what he is always a jerk. But on the inside, I think we have all seen that really he is soft and caring. But that coming out scares him, so we don't see it a lot.
I think that for everyone to see this side of him, the 表示する needs to bring out that really chuck is a nice guy. And the only way so far is doing that through Blair.
Opinion by pink_martini2 posted 1年以上前
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Spoiler warning. This is about the aftermath of episode 13.

I know we're all angry because poor Blair just had her life ruined. And we're offended because Chuck played the major hand here. But don't hate Chuck. Like the saying goes, don't hate the player, hate the game.

It's hard to expect anything else from Chuck. Its part of his character. Like the 表示する conveys, Chuck and Blair are もっと見る similar than Blair would like to admit. They're both ruthless.

She shot him down, chose Nate over him. He gets even.
She only goes back to Chuck after EVERYONE ELSE deserted her. Why would Chuck welcome her with open arms? (as much as we would like to see).

It's too early in the 表示する for Chuck to make a 180' in personality.

His reactions, though vicious and mean, were exactly what he would have made.

I think this really adds depth to their relationship. It's dysfunctional, I know. And in an interview with Ed W., he 発言しました anything can happen with those two. And also agrees those two are entertaining together.