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 An ex-girlfriend in need...
An ex-girlfriend in need...
Episode 13: The Non-Judging Breakfast Club

GG: We hear Chuck ベース is missing, Last spotted downtown...Oh dear! We fear the worst for C, That is unless BFF's can come to the rescue? And with フレンズ like these C あなた wont need any armies...

At the Palace Hotel, In Chuck's suite.

Blair and Nate are in the room, Blair is on the her cell.

B: Chuck? When あなた get this call me back, I'm worried about you

Blair hangs up.

B: Where's Serena?
N: She's still with Lily
B: What is going on, He's been gone for 2 hours, (gets upset) Nate what's happened?
N: I don't know Blair
B: (tears in her eyes) What if he's...
N: Don't say that Blair, He'll be fine
B: あなた don't know that, あなた can't know that... I told him to stay here, and did he listen? No! He didn't, He never does, He never listens. Never, Never, Never!

Nate stands up and hugs Blair.

N: Shhhhh. It's okay
B: I just...
N: Don't worry Blair...Chuck'll be back soon and until he is we're all here for you...

Nate clears Blair tears with a handkercheif.

N: Okay?
B: (nods and smiles)

Blair looks at Nate for a few seconds,then they both kiss
Then they both open their eyes and pull away quickly.

N: (shocked) Blair? What was that?
B: What? That was you?
N: Nooo, It wasn't It was you
B: Was not
N: Anyway I have a girlfriend
B: And I have a Chuck
N: Okay then
B: Okay
N: So...
B: Never happened!

(long pause while they are both figiting, The phone rings)

N: Saved によって the ring...

Blair answers.

B: Hello. Yes I'm Blair Waldorf, (pause) Okay...I'll be down now

Blair puts the receiver down.

N: What is it?
B: There's a message for me at the front desk, I have to go collect it
N: Shall I come with?
B: Whatever...

Nate and Blair awkwardly exit the hotel room and get in the elevator to the lobby.

(At the desk)

B: Blair Waldorf, There's a message for me
机, デスク Clark: Oh yes, One 分 please

(The 机, デスク Clark goes to get the message)

N: So are we going to talk about this?
B: No, We are not
N: Right...
B: Shut up she's coming (Blair smiles)
DC: Here it is (hands Blair a peice of paper)
B: Who is this from?
DC: A man came and dropped it off,10 分 ago

(Blair turns around and opens the note)

It reads; 'Should of kept a better eye on your boy, 8 Hours Cash, または a dead Bass. Bring it to the Liqud Club at 10pm Tonight'

B: (fustrated and scared emotion) Chuck!!
N: What? (Blair hands Nate the note)

Nate reads the note until his eyes widen.

N: We have to get that money

Serena comes up from behind them.

S: I can help あなた with that
B: S!

Blair hugs Serena.

S: What's happened?

Nate hands Serena the note, Serena reads it then all three glance at eachother in shock and worry.

GG: Spotted. At the lobby of the Palace. N, B and S. Looking quite worried are the fab three joining forces to save the fourth member of the Non Judging Breakfast Club?

(In Chuck's suite)

Serena is walking around the room.
Nate and Blair are 芝居 awkward around eachother.

S: So, We're guessing they've got him
N: (not listening) What?! Oh yeah
S: B? (Blair isn't paying attention) Blair? B!?
B: What?!
S: They've got Chuck
B: (nods)
S: Are あなた two okay?

(Both talks across eachother)

B: We're fine
N: Fine

(Serena looks suspisious)

S: Okay...
B: So what's this plan S?
S: I told Mom about Chuck
B: What?! We promised him we wouldn't say anything!
S: Wasn't my idea... (Tilts her head towards Nate)
B: You!
N: Well how else were we going to help him, How many seventeen 年 olds do あなた know who can check out $50,000 out of a bank, We had to tell someone
B: (doesn't reply only gives a 'hmph' look)
S: I hate to admit it B, But he's right...And my 発言しました she'll give us the money...
B: She will?
S: Yeah, She going to get it out of the bank later
B: Later? No we need it now!
N: Calm down Blair!
B: NO! Chuck needs us, We only have 10 hours before they do...God knows what to him


S: Okay, We'll go ask Mom now, Blair it's okay...We'll get him back
B: (nods)

Nate goes to open the door and holds it open as Blair and Serena walk out, He closes the door and follows them.

(At the バン der Woosen Apartment)

Serena, Nate and Blair arrive at the apartment.
Lily is just leaving.

S: Mom
L: Oh Serena good, I'm just leaving to fetch the money
S: Mom, We really appreciate this
L: Please, Charles my step son I still care about him, he might not think so but I don't want to see him in any harm
B: Thank あなた for this Lily
L: (smiles and shakes her head)
S: So you'll bring us the money then we'll take it
L: Excuse me? Do あなた think I'm going to let three teenagers including my daughter go confront gangsters?
S: I'm predicting No
L: Spot on! I will be handing over the money
B: But Lily, They 発言しました just to be us...
L: Well Blair if they want this money so much, They wont argue with me
S: So you're getting it all
L: No, The bank wont allow me to take $50,000 in cash out, We have 35 in the safe, I think they'll allow 15, seeing as I'm a valued client

Lily enters the elevator.

L: Are あなた three coming または not?

Serena rolls her eyes, and Nate, Blair and Serena follow her.

(Outside the bank, In the limo)

Lily is getting the money.

B: I've got a bad feeling about this
S: What? I can't stop her can I
N: We should be lucky she's helping us at all
S: true...
B: But what's going to happen when we take the money and they see Lily, They might do something even worse to Chuck
N: We'll have to risk it
B: Some friend あなた are

Blair and Nate stare at eachother for a few 秒 before looking away.
Lily enters the limo.

S: Did あなた get it?
L: Yes, It's all here now lets go get Charles

Blair sits back and smiles thinking that Chuck is safe.

(At the Liqud Club, Downtown)

Outside the club, Travis is smoking, Jack and Ashton are standing behind him.
The limo pulls up.

(inside the limo)

B: Lily let me take it
N: Blair...
B: Please...You can stay right here, See あなた can see me just fine. I just have to see him
L: (silence)
B: Please...
L: Only if Serena and Nate go with you
B: Okay

Lily hands Blair the bag of money.
Blair, Nate and Serena exit the limo, Jack sees them.

J: Travis, They're here
T: (Throws his cigarette on the floor) Well, Finally we'd almost 与えられた up one あなた Upper East Siders, So what's this the ベース Army?
B: Where's Chuck?
T: Don't worry, Hand over the cash and we'll be in business
B: I have to wish to be in business with you, of any kind
A: How about me sweetheart, Would あなた like to be in business with me?
B: (smurks) I'd rather pull my eyes out
A: Oh hard to get, 愛 that
S: Where is Chuck?
T: Where's the cash?

Blair holds up the bag, Travis smiles.

T: Lets have it them

Blair hands over the bag, Travis checks the bag and grins again.

T: Good, Jack, Ash go get him
J: (nods)

Jack and Ashton go into the club and bring Chuck out, Who is still barly consious, covered in blood and bruises.

B: (shocked) Oh My God, Chuck!

Blair runs over to him and holds onto him.

N: What have あなた done to him?
T: Things got a little out of hand...But it's all settled now...Get him out of here, I don't want to see him ever again
B: Oh don't worry, あなた wont.

Blair, Serena and Nate carry Chuck into the limo.
(inside the limo)

L: (shocked) Oh Goodness! Put him here, (Nate and Blair lay Chuck on the limo seat)
B: (strokes his face) Chuck?
C: Blair...
B: I'm here...
C: What took あなた guys so long

Nate, Serena and Blair smile and giggle and look at eachother.

N: Are あなた okay?
C: I am now, I knew あなた lot wouldn't let me down
S: Well あなた might be a pain in the arse but your our friend
C: (smiles but then moans in pain) Awww!
B: Does it hurt...
C: (looks at Blair) Like hell
B: You're okay now, Everything gonna be fine

Blair hugs him, then smiles and glances over to Nate the smile then goes from her face.

GG: Well...Well...Well...Chuck is back and all thanks to S, N and B. They're some フレンズ you've got there Chuck. あなた wanna keep hold of them...But あなた know what they say keep your フレンズ close and your enemies closer...One of them just might stab あなた in the back...Nice to have あなた ホーム Chuck. あなた know あなた 愛 me. xoxo Gossip Girl.

 Happy to have him home...
Happy to have him home...
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 Mrs ベース pregnant!
Mrs Bass pregnant!
A/N: im continuing from where i left off. there is no もっと見る flashbacks in this one. so thats all i got to say

chuck was shocked, was she joking. he wouldnt mind if she was but in his mind it didnt seem real. he thought he was the luckiest person in the world, a beautiful wife and three gourgous children. he loved all his children and that would be the same for this one but he was so shocked he couldnt say anything.
blair had noticed how quiet chuck was and started to be a little freaked out.

B: hello... chuck...?
C: are あなた serious?
B: 100% i took...
continue reading...

Sorry for the long get's in the way! Im graduating soon and then I need to find a job so im busy, busy, busy! Thank あなた for being so patient and for keeping with this fic! I really hope あなた like how it's going...

Also, after this chapter I wont be 書く any もっと見る smut(detailed sex scenes) from now on, firstly because I dont like 書く it and I only did because I genuinely thought it was what readers would like to read because of the lack of Chair action on the show, but I have become sick of 読書 smut myself and I have realised through one of my other fics that readers...
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