OMG where to start where to start.... tonights episode once again was great.... i dont know if it was just me being emotional または what but parts of it made me cry! This episode was sad sexy hott romantic and intriging all at once!!!

the episode starts off with chuck at his house drinking it up and looks like he is igsausted.. (sorry if あなた havent figured it out によって now im a horrible speller)..anyways あなた can so tell he is not dealing with this whole blair and marcus thing very well... it is clearly putting a strain on him .. he confided in both nate and serena about this in scenes further into the episode as well. First thing he says to nate in their scene is have あなた sceen blair and marcus lately ... if thats not odvious i dont know what is ... and when talking to serena he admits to having a problem "preforming" with the ladies b/c his distraction about blair is blocking him... i though this was halarious ... especially because this gives him the idea to use this as an excuss to try and get with blair "once last time"... and serena responds によって saying " あなた are not going to use blair as sexual draino! too funny... and yet so true ... although he wouldnt quite be using her in my opinoin , instead i think that is just what he wants us to believe when in reality he will come up with any excuss to be near her cause he loves her!....

Also in the begining of this episode it shows blair with marcus and she is clearly horny ... (missing the good lovin from chuck in my opinion)and she is practically begging marcus to 表示する her some sexual attention and he responds によって caling her a "delicate flower" haha... blair.... a delicate flower.. yeah right!! もっと見る like a vixen!! but anyways he odviusly isnt getting the clue that she has needs and he isnt giving into them..

As for our fav couple b+c, the first time we see them together in a scene is at blairs party .. it firsts shows blair talking marcus up to everyone at the party (clearly a way to cover up her unhappiness with him)..this is when chuck steps in beside her and secretly talks to her .... this is my fav scene of the episode so i will discuss it in detail... chuck says to her "that is what always fasinated me about you...the cool exteirer... the 火災, 火 cant tell me that marcus is satisfing your needs..." and boy is this true .. leave it to chuck to be so dead on about blair and how she is feeling at that very moment...and this is when it gets hott.... he grabs her and says..." what name does he call あなた when your making love....where does he put his hand"...(as he put his on her thigh)....he nibbles her ear and her eyes roll in the back of her head...ha ha lol... i laughed at this because its is so clear to anyone that she is enjoying every 分 of this ... and that is proven b/c her response is .... "your disgusting.. and i hate you" but she says it in a way that あなた can just tell she doesnt mean it , actually she is meaning the exact oppisite!

The 次 time we see them is when she is up in her room and he goes in .... the lights are out cause of the blackout and they start making out .... 愛 this because lets face it i 愛 it anytime they キッス b/c they are just so great together ... i mean the chemistry is amazing!
however, marcus walks in and interups.... :(
this leads to marcus and blair fighting in the stairway in fornt of everyone at the party..but the best part is she admits that she knew it was chuck!!! finally one of them is admitting there attraction to each other!!!! but instead of leaving it at that like i wanted her too she adds the fact that she wanted it to be marcus....(which actually i dont even think is true...but whatever) they then キッス and make up and chuck gets to see this which leaves him , like me, sad and disapointed :(

In the end of the episode it also shows chuck in a limo with another of his girls and he stops making out with her and pushes her away she states " i thought あなた were all better" and he states... " i am .. just not for you!"... again so sad! he wants blair so bad and i want them together so bad as well.... even though blair and marcus kissed and made up ... again i will not lose faith ... i know chuck knows what he wants ... and when chuck wants something he usually gets it, so hopefully there is もっと見る to come of b+c in 次 weeks episode...