ok well i have been a major ファン of chuck and blair since 日 one but since the finale last season i have loved them もっと見る than ever i have decided to start 書く 記事 about what i think about blair and chuck in every episode just for anyone who is listening..( または 読書 for that matter).lol
well tonights episode was at least an 9 on a scale from 1-10 for b+c !!! it was great i mean i dont usally get all emotional about them but tonights episode really got me .. lets start with the first b+c scene with her getting of bus and him waiting there oh so cute with his お花 and everything all i could think was Aww then it happened she kissed that marcus guy... blah that sucked but at the same time it was great cause it was typical blair for ya .. i mean it was so " haha あなた didnt think id be still crying over あなた did you"..lol but the dissapoint ment in chucks face 発言しました it all ... i 愛 when he shows his vonerable side even when hes not meaning to like then ... あなた can tell he loves her and she wouldnt have went throught the whole trouble of geting a "fake boyfriend if she didnt feel the same way...
as for the 次 b+c scene the ブランチ with the family and blair fake boyfirend.... well at first it started out pretty funny i mean chuck and his smart as コメント were halarious exspecially the limo コメント i was lmao seriously but then when he saw the ハート, 心 pin on marcus' sleeve and his face droped my mouth did as well i couldnt believe blair gave that to him but then it mad since she only did it to make him jelous but again chucks face was enough to make me melt as well as blairs face after she ran after him and he asked her if she felt the same way for marcus as she did for him ... あなた could so tell it took everything in her to tell him yes and it is such a lie but i understand why she is doing this fake boyfirnd thing she doesnt want to seem vonerable just as chuck didnt in the finale last season he cares so much about her and she for him but if they both would just realaze that it would be better .. err its frustrating to see them hurting each other when i know they could be making each other feel so much better instead!
..again with the 次 two scenes the one with them poolside serena blair and then chuck as well and the one where there on the 通り, ストリート walking both clasic cases of b+c tring to 表示する each other up and make each other jelous clasic b+c behavior .. am i right?
... anyways the best scene of tonights epiode is at the party when she is leaving right before she gets in the car with marcus she asks chuck to give her one reason why she should stay there with him and im thinking "um.. i can give ya about a thousand reasons are あなた kidding me .. あなた guys are ment for each other".. but she just wanted to hear one that he loved her and that is just not chuck's style he can not just out and say it so he didnt but his face and his actions say it plenty enough.. but being a female like blair and many of あなた im sure あなた understand sometimes a girl just needs that confirmation and one 日 i know chuck will be man enough to give it to her ... just not tonight... so there she went into marcus... the prince または whatever he is arms.. sucks huh .. well like always i fear not i know that b+c are going to be the main couple this season on gg and i just cant wait to see them together again ... and just think about the makeup...you know its gunna be good right?...thats all i have to say for tonights episode but ill be back 次 week for anyone who cares to read. xoxo