I want to thank all the 399 ファン who have joined this since the 日 I opened it! People like あなた make the 愛 for this couple grow and grow every day! We have finally reached our 400 mark! Why is this significant, あなた ask? We have the most ファン of any other Gossip Girl couple on here によって far! We were the first GG couple spot to open, and we are moving higher and higher up on the couples & shipping section. Keep adding your images, videos, picks, links, topics, etc. Keep this place growing! Thank あなた all for joining, you're the best ever!!

The picture of the cake is actually my birthday cake (my birthday is tomorrow) and I got the idea to decorate a cake to celebrate the 400 mark from     Sharingan226. Thank you!! So here it is. I know it's dorky, but it says "Happy 400!" I wanted it to say "Happy 400th Blair & Chuck" but it wouldn't fit so sorry! This will have to do! :D