1. Why is he promoting DB and ignoring Chuck and Blair?
Uh. Becuase the 次 6 episodes are about DB, couple wise but of course not entirely. Because THEY are the ones in the relationship right now if nothing else. Not Chuck and Blair. But of course "Chuck and Blair ARE NEVER OVER and THEY have ALWAYS a CONNECTION".

Think of it this way: Expecting him to talk up Chair is equivalent to a Derena ファン expecting Savage to talk about Derena right before the 秒 half of S3. Of course she didn't. She talked about Danessa and Serenate because they were the stories right then. Serenate was GOLDEN COUPLE remember? They were talking about Danessa like they are talking about DB right now. Remember those days (sigh).

2. Why won't JS give CB ファン hope?
Once again, think of it like this: That would be like Savage telling Derena ファン to "Just hold on kids because in 8 もっと見る episodes Dan and Serena are going to キッス and completely tear apart Dan/Vanessa and Serena/Nate!"

3. Why is JS 芝居 like the fandom is divided when the ratings, response on all online media (and published media as well), twitter, important media critics and especially フェイスブック has been so incredibly negative? Why doesn't he admit he fucked up?
OK. We can't expect them to realize how much they have ruined the 表示する in front of the media! What would he say? "Oh yeah, the ファン HATE this shit. We miscalculated BADLY. BE SURE TO TUNE IN!" Of course he isn't going to do that. His job is to promote the upcoming story and that's what he's doing. Your choice is to watch または NOT! To buy what he is trying to SELL または NOT! Remember あなた have a voice and DON'T LOSE IT! Thats why its important to be laud as ファン and tell them あなた don't like the the storyline they are trying to SELL!

Note: They miscalculated in S3 too and they have admitted some of their mistakes. Maybe we have to wait till finale to hear another "we fucked up" interview. (sigh)

So we shouldn't expect any of these interviews to be anything もっと見る a big fat DB gushfest right now. But the fact they waited this long to promote this story (2 days before they returned from hiatus) while simultaneously shooting lots of Chuck and Blair filming pictures (with paps called in) should make the Chuck and Blair ファン feel incredibly good. Honestly, 与えられた that this is DB's time to be a couple I would expect a hell of a lot もっと見る DB promotion. Especially from the CW. But that ain't happening. It's been all Chair all the time since the hiatus and from the beginning. So frankly, I think Chair ファン are looking at this 尻, お尻 backwards. We shouldn't be freaking out over the DB promotion. We should be surprised there has been so little of it and so late in the game. And we should be thrilled によって the amount of Chuck and Blair promotion we've gotten 与えられた the lack of CB in the 次 six episodes.

Also, I noticed several really good things in JS' interview that we should hold on:

1. JS acknowledged that Blair felt nothing after the DB キッス in 4x17. Do あなた realize how big that is? It means that contrary to DB ファン lore and myth, Blair has not been in denial about her grand 愛 for D. all this time.

Her feelings for him are a product of this season and the girl has been in crisis the whole time. (The one consistent thing they did with this Ban story is 表示する D falling for a girl becuz she's weak, needy,etc.) He has a white knight syndrome and it has been 発言しました over and over.

Note: Remember that they have also acknowledged how its normal to see her Out Of Character right now because she is.

2. JS 発言しました Chuck has grown もっと見る than any other character. That is a HUGE deal. The DB ファン keep saying he hasn't but he has - and もっと見る than anyone else. That bodes well for Chuck and Blair in the end.

And it seems clear that D and B individually regressed so much and hasn't grown a bit.

3. JS 発言しました Chuck is trying to accept DB as much as he can and will be preoccupied によって his family story. Chuck just wants Blair to be happy.

Another big deal for two reasons: It paints Chuck in a positive light but もっと見る importantly if Chuck is trying to 移動する on and not bother DB with scheming and plots - then how does the 三角形 get reactivated? It must be Blair inserting herself into Chuck's drama.
Now, how fucked up would it be for her to start bugging him, lead him on and then say "Oops sorry. I was mistaken. I lurve the D." I mean really. I still want Chuck and Blair but I would 登録する the Blair haters at that point. That is wrong and cruel and I just cannot see Blair doing that to Chuck. He is letting her 移動する on and not bothering her. Either she comes back to him または she needs to let him go (sort of a parallel to the 2x23 bar speech between CB.) I don't think there is anyway the 三角形 could be reactivated under these conditions and Blair choose Dan AGAIN. That would be beyond fucked up and cruel (not to mention repetitive)

4. From the interviews DB seems like so much one-sided again. Like in the beginning. The important point is Blair's happiness. What about D? Do any DBer ask about him? I haven't seen any!

As CBers we consider every characters' growth, happiness and mistakes when we are watching the storylines and thats why we grow so much negative to DB romance. Not only they have ruined B's and D's characterization, this storyline also ruined the core of the show.

Also think from this way too: Do あなた still feel like watching GG we used to 愛 and enjoy? NO? Because, obviously they replaced GG with "INSIDE" and what JS is taking about is "inside" instead of "GG". And there is no GG in the show, in the first place!

Credit goes to : Save Chuck and Blair on Facebook!