“Closure: the unattainable goal.” ~ Chuck Bass, 4.08 “Juliet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”

As per usual, Chuck’s above quote speaks the truth, particularly when it comes to him and Blair. Throughout the course of the show, there have been several moments between them that could have been perceived as “closure” and while this may have stuck had they been any other couple, in each scenario, the end result has only solidified the cold, hard FACT that “Chuck and Blair are never over.” Although we have touched on this in 前 blogs, we would like to take a few moments to expand on these scenes and explore their glorious aftermath.

4.02- “I don’t 愛 あなた anymore.” ~ Blair

Ah, the train station scene. So much beauty, so much heartbreak and wistfulness. So much the end of CB, right? Although this scene could very well have been the end based on the above quote, and the history it stemmed from, it is clear at the same time that Blair, in fact, DOES still 愛 Chuck. It’s obvious によって the tears in her eyes and the 愛 that is still apparent there, and it’s punctuated when she says, after Chuck tells her he will stay away from NYC for her sake, “It wouldn’t be my world without あなた in it.”

Following this heartwrenching scene, Blair’s actions told another story. We saw her chase Eva out of NYC (thanks for that, Blair!) due to her jealousy of Chuck “moving on” and we saw her yet again tell Chuck, when he asks her, that she didn’t have feelings for him. The lie was even もっと見る obvious the 秒 time around. Thus began their “war” which they obviously both participated in simply as a way for the two to stay connected to each other, which lead to the electrifying “hand shake” during a beautiful and terribly sad scene in which they declare a truce. The brief moment when Blair’s bedroom door separates them displays an insane amount of emotion and love. The truce of course led to supposed “hate sex” and the hottest ピアノ scene in television’s history and not long after, the two confessing their 愛 for one another. They could have reunited then, and they did for about ten 分 before the writers threw roadblock #69875 at them when Blair out of the blue decides she can’t be in a relationship and have a career at the same time. Regardless, their goodbye scene at the end of 4.09 foreshadowed that if they were meant to be, they would “find their way back.” Since we already know they’re meant to be, we weren’t too worried.

4.22 -”I have to let あなた go. あなた have to let go.” ~Chuck

The “closure” that occurred in 4.22 was very different from that of 4.02. In this episode, Chuck and Blair are not denying their feelings for each other または putting on a メリダとおそろしの森 face in order to not appear vulnerable. Instead, they are both professing their eternal 愛 for each other, but Chuck, feeling like he can’t make her happy (didn’t we go over this at prom, Chuck?), is letting her go to live her fairytale によって marrying another man.

This scene left CB ファン heartbroken and unsure of Chuck and Blair’s future together…until the final scene in 4.22 when the camera pans to a positive pregnancy test in Blair and Serena’s shared bathroom. After a summer of speculation and daydreams of a baby Bass, it was revealed in 5.01 that Blair was in fact pregnant. Even though the baby turned out to be Louis’s (stupid storyline is stupid, we know), we think the purpose was to make Blair assess her feelings for Chuck and provide a way to keep them connected during the fuckery that was the royal wedding storyline. In 5.03, Blair finds out that Louis is the father (sadly not on the Maury Povich 表示する like we were hoping) and goes to see Chuck for the first time in months to break the news. When Blair says, “a part of me really wanted it to be yours,” we know that 1. Blair still loves Chuck and 2. Blair’s pregnancy is weighing heavily on her decision making. While we were unsure at the time if Blair was lying または not, the emotion and longing between Chuck and Blair was palpable in that scene. After hearing Blair’s wish that she was having Chuck’s baby, we knew that they were far from over.

5.06- “Starting tonight I’m going to take care of myself.” ~Chuck

In this episode, Chuck apologizes to Blair for everything he’s ever done (with a special emphasis on being sorry for giving up on their relationship which Blair never did until now). This could have been interpreted as closure because Chuck was trying to 移動する on and take care of himself without relying on Blair または hoping that they would eventually get back together. However, there were three important things about this scene that gave us hope:

1. “That won’t ever change.” – Blair is letting Chuck know that she’ll always be there for him, even if they aren’t “together.”

2. “Is that all?” – Blair is looking for another “I 愛 you.”


The final scene in 5.06 is arguably the best scene in Season Five. Chuck Bass, in the rain, returning the HW (that belongs on Blair’s ring finger) outside the store and kneeling whilst doing so. Closure または foreshadowing? We’re betting on the 秒 one. A few episodes later, Blair attends Chuck’s therapy session to figure out how he “gave up his bad ベース ways.” During the appointment, Chuck tells Blair that he returned the HW and Blair’s shocked and distraught face says it all – she’s not over him. In 5.10, Blair realizes that she can’t promise Louis that she’ll never leave him and asks Chuck if he could raise a child that wasn’t his. Chuck tells her, “I will 愛 your baby as much as I 愛 you” and they go to break the news to Louis. Moments before God (the writers) decides to take matters into His own hands, Blair tells Chuck, “I 愛 you. I 愛 every part of you. You’re the one I never want to leave.” Chuck realizes that being with Blair actually makes Blair happy (WHO WOUDA THUNK IT?) and retracts his 前 stance on letting Blair go and moving on. And then, あなた know, the writers fuck them. As they do.

5.17- “But that doesn’t mean I’m in 愛 with you. At least not right now. Not the way あなた deserve.” ~Blair

Okay, ouch. So, after almost an entire season of telling Chuck over and over how much she loves him, after almost starting a life and family with him, and after making a freaking pact with God to save him, she’s suddenly not in 愛 with him? And DHumps is the temporary new owner of her heart? Not buying it. For one thing, Blair has told Chuck before that she was no longer in 愛 with him, as we discussed a few paragraphs previously, so see above for a refresher on where that has led in the past. While this scene packed a punch, the thing is that this line would have been a lot もっと見る persuasive if it hadn’t been for the teeny little addendum at the end. With that, instead of being ”I’m not in 愛 with you” it ends up coming across a lot もっと見る like “I CAN’T be in 愛 with you.” So basically, we think it’s obvious that Blair is saying this out of some hidden desperation, または at least a hidden POV, rather than because it’s true. This scene in 5.17 which could be seen as the ultimate end of Chuck and Blair is instead wrought with hints of their inevitable future together.

While we definitely think Blair is lying in this scene, we don’t think she is lying to Chuck as much as she is lying to herself. Being with Dan is easy and comes at a MUCH lower emotional risk. Blair is already resigned to her thinking that she and Chuck can’t be together (for now), and as she 発言しました in 5.13, she’d rather lose everything than lose Chuck again. She almost ロスト him once, and the thought of losing him again in any capacity is likely a far greater risk than she is emotionally able to handle right now. Our girl has been through a LOT this season. The good news is that Chuck hasn’t 与えられた up on Blair and continues to くま, クマ the torch for their relationship. Of course, we don’t know for certain what is going to happen later this season, but history and certain 最近 filming pics 表示する that, beyond a doubt, Chuck and Blair are still on.

So there あなた have it. The fact remains that even with Blair married to another man and currently dating Humpty-Humps, it is clear that the connection between Chuck and Blair remains strong. As a not-so-wise man once 発言しました to Blair regarding her relationship with Chuck, “You two have this strange force field effect on each other. Physicists should study it.” Probably the smartest thing you’ve ever said, D. We are left to wonder – will that HW ring resurface? または will Chuck (or Blair) find a new ring to symbolize a new beginning of their future as a couple?

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