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 Bros before Hoes?
Bros before Hoes?
Episode 15: Down without love

GG: Frills and frocks, heels and headbands, It all comes out of the closet tonight. The social event of the year... All our U.E.S's will be there, and so will I, Gossip Girl's not missing this event, After all who knows what might happen?

- The Morning of the Charity Ball.

(At the Archibald Apartment)

Nate and Anne are in the apartment.
Nate is trying on his suit for the ball, when his cellphone rings.
Nate looks at the phone and sees it's Chuck.

A: Well aren't あなた going to answer that?
N: It's Chuck
A: Well answer it then he is your best friend Nate
N: (breathes deeply)

Nate and 回答 the phone and exits the room.

N: こんにちは man
C: Hey, Listen your going to this charity event tonight right?
N: (sdutters a little) Uhh...Uhh...Yeah
C: Oh great listen, あなた haven't heard from Blair today?
N: (hesitates) Uhh..No
C: Urgh, great. I'll have to go to Serena then, Right well I'll see あなた later
N: Allright

Nate hangs up and looks worried.

(At the Manhattan boutique)

Serena and Blair are picking up their dresses for the boutique, The assistant is just getting their dresses.

A: Okay, I'll just collect them for you
S: Thank you

Assistant leaves.

B: Why are we doing this Serena, This is why I have Darota
S: Because I want to talk to あなた and I wont get a chance before tonight
B: About what?
S: Oh a little thing called...Nate and another thing called Chuck
B: (rolls her eyes)
S: Blair..
B: Ohh God sakes Serena, It's over. Okay...Chuck and I are....
S: are....
B: Well after tonight, We will be fine
S: Are あなた sure about that?
B: I'm sure, Now can we please just get these dresses and get out of here, I have things to do
S: What things?
B: Just things

Assistant comes back out with their dresses.

A: Here they are (Hands Serena the dresses)
S: Thank you,

Blair and Serena exit the store.

(Later at the バン der Woodsen Apartment)

Serena enters carrying her dress.
Chuck is sitting on the couch.

S: I'm home...(Sees Chuck) Ohh what? Why are あなた here?
C: Ohh don't worry, I haven't decided to come ホーム if that's what your thinking
S: Ohh, What is it then?
C: I'm here to see you
S: Okay no I'm worried because あなた never want to talk to me unless it's about a. あなた b. あなた または c. a certain best friend of mine, and I'm thinking it's the latter
C: Okay あなた got me
S: So...?
C: Well I was actually thinking of asking her to accompany me tonight
S: (looks disapointed for Chuck) Ohh
C: I know, Blair isn't going to give in before I do, and if we carry on like this it's going to go on forever, So I thought I might aswel bite the bullet and ask her
S: Chuck... (Chuck isn't listening)
C: So I thought I'll go ask her now after checking with you, to make sure she's still...You know
S: Ohhh Chuck! Why didn't あなた ask her eariler?
C: Why? What's the issue?
S: She's already going with someone
C: What?
S: (quickly) Just as フレンズ though
C: Who?
S: (quietly) Nate
C: (surprised) Nate? ...Are they back...
S: (interupts) No! No! No! Since Vanessa is out of town, Anne and Eleanor thought since they were both alone, they might aswell go together
C: (disapointed) Ohhh, He didn't mention it eariler
S: Listen if あなた tell Blair, I'm sure she'd キャンセル Nate, I don't think she's looking foward to it anyway
C: (pause) Right, Well I'll just go

Chuck walks towards the elevator.

S: Oh and Chuck
C: Yeah?
S: It's nice to hear あなた still think of here as home
C: (grins and exits)

Serena smiles, but then the smile disapears as she thinks of how Chuck would react if he knew about Nate and Blair.

GG: Spotted back at the バン der Woodsen residence, Chuck Bass. Returning home? Well あなた know what they say, There's no place like home...

(At the Waldorf Apartment)

Nate enters.
Eleanor is sitting in the living room.

E: Ahh, Nathaniel, Good your here. Blair's just upstairs
N: Oh okay, I'll just wait here for her
E: Allright, How your mother?
N: Oh she's fine, She's just having a night in tonight, She's not doing that well to be honest...The whole Dad thing
E: Yes, I know. I'm sure she'll be fine aslong as she's got you
N: (smiles)

Blair comes down the stairs, Nate looks at her and smiles.

N: あなた look lovely Blair
B: Thank you. あなた look great too
E: Ohh don't あなた two make a lovely couple

(Blair and Nate's smiles disapear and they take a big step away from eachother)

B+N: No!
N: No we're not
B: No...No...No we're not mother
E: Ohh right
B: Yeah because Nate has a girlfriend
E: Ohh, Yes?
N: Yes, Vanessa
E: Vanessa? Not Ross's...
B: Yes Mom, Ross's daughter
E: Well this is a small world
N: Keeps getting smaller
B: Well...Are we going?
N: Yes
E: Bye あなた two
N: Bye Mrs Waldorf

Nate and Blair exit.

(At the Hotel where the Ball is being held)

Scene: Most of the guests are dancing, Some are sitting chatting at their tables, Some are standing chatting.

Nate and Chuck are standing in one corner of the room.

C: So I didn't know あなた were bringing Blair
N: Oh, Don't worry man it's nothing like that...I was kinda forced into it
C: Right!
N: こんにちは あなた know, Go ask her to dance
C: (hesitates) No
N: Chuck your not going to get a better oppertunity than this
C:You know what Archibald your right

Chuck walks over to Blair and Serena's table.

S: Chuck! Got your speech ready?
C: Ofcourse, It's gonna be quite a speech
S: (smiles)

(Awkward silence)

The 音楽 changes from quite upbeat to a romantic, slow beat song.

B: (rolls her eyes) Ughh. Are あなた going to ask me to dance?

Chuck puts his hand out and Blair takes it and they walk over onto the dance floor.
They dance around for a while smiling at eachother.

C: So あなた came with Nate
B: Ughh. Not through choice
C: I was going to ask you
B: あなた were?
C: (nods)
B: I would of 発言しました yes
C: (smiles)
B: I know things have been awkward with us, since...since あなた got back...
C: They have..
B: Yeah, and I just wanted it back to how it used to be, simple
C: It's never going to be like that
B: It never is with us
C: Do あなた honestly want it to be?
B: (closes her eyes) No

Chuck puts his hand on her cheek and kisses her.
Serena looks over at them.
Blair and Chuck stop キス and smile at eachother.
Serena walks over.

S: こんにちは Chuck, Can I borrow Blair for a sec...(takes Blair's arm)

Serena pulls Blair's arm into a quite corner of the room.

B: S! What are あなた doing? I'm finally getting my Chuck back, Why did あなた do that?
S: Blair, あなた can't lie to him.
B: What gives あなた the right? How many times have あなた lied to Dan!

Chuck sees them and walks up to them and hears the convosation.

S: I don't involve me B, Atleast I don't go キス my ex boyfriend while...(Serena sees Chuck)...Chuck!
B: Ha Ha Serena
C: I knew it
B: (turns around and looks surprised) Chuck...

Chuck walks away, Blair follows him.

B: Chuck, wait... It was just a kiss...It was a mistake
C: Nate?
B: I'm sorry
C: It was when I was missing wasn't it?
B: (silence)
C: I'm done now Blair

Chuck walks away.

B: (tears in her eyes) Do あなた remember what あなた 発言しました to me? I don't belong with Nate, Never have. Never will...
C: (walks back to her) Do あなた remember what あなた said? 'I don't belong with anyone'

(Chuck walks away and exits)

B: Chuck!

Blair is left standing alone in tears.

GG: Blair...Blair...Blair...You really need to learn to keep that zipped! Now that we all know about N and B's little 'encounter', How is Chuck taking the news? N, I was sure あなた were a bros before hoes kinda guy...Obviously not, Don't go worrying B, I'm sure all will be forgiven...Nah maybe not. あなた know あなた 愛 me. xoxo Gossip Girl


If あなた read, Please leave me some comments. I REALLY want to know what everyone thinks.
 あなた should really keep your voice down B
You should really keep your voice down B
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