Bindi Irwin Can あなた believe Bindi Sleeps with a snake!!

animaluvr203 posted on Dec 06, 2008 at 11:11PM
On it says Bindi sleeps with a snake! Its is a corn snake. She named it Corny. She pretty brave. :o

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1年以上前 tbomb said…
I don't sleep with my brazillian rainbow boaconstricter. My cousins have 6 snakes. They don't sleep with them either.
1年以上前 BindiRocks said…
So, She sleeps with a snake what does it matter its a pet to her.
1年以上前 jedigal1990 said…
big smile
i agree in a way however i would worry about it chocking her depending on how long it is corn snakes usually don't get to big i don't think and if it makes her happy then who cares people sleep with dogs and cats so why not snakes though i would never do it its her pet so why not
1年以上前 Sarah145 said…
Thier is no problem with that.... I sometimes sleep with my Lizard(Bindi)