Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg Club
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Billy Hatcher laid under a shady oak tree. It was time for his afternoon nap. As Billy got his head in a perfect position there was a loud splash. Bantam had jumped out of the kiddy pool that was there at the schoolgrounds because Chick was chasing him with the ice cold hose. "Stop Chick" shouted Bantam. "Why","It's hilarious" 発言しました Chick. Billy then turned his head, He saw Rolly standing によって the two most annoying girls at school, Kyra and Keisha. "Who あなた making a 愛 letter to Rolly"? asked Kyra as she chewed on a wad of gum. "Billy" 発言しました Rolly dreamily. "Billy Jones"! both Kyra and Keisha...
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