Beauty and the Beast (2017) Do あなた like the trailer version of the soundtrack more, または the released one?

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Trailer version
Trailer version
Released version
Released version
 Irenenew posted 1年以上前
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Trailer version
Irenenew picked Trailer version:
This is the released one :­qs

I believe it is nothing, compared to the one we can hear in the trailer! (­Y )

If you agree, please sign this petition to release the trailer version too !!­com­pan­y-r­ele­ase­-th­e-t­rai­ler­-ve­rsi­on-­of-­ari­ana­-gr­and­e-j­ohn­-le­gen­d-s­-be­aut­y-a­nd-­the­-be­ast­?re­cru­ite­r=6­814­868­27&­amp­;ut­m_s­our­ce=­sha­re_­pet­iti­on&­amp­;ut­m_m­edi­um=­cop­yli­nk

posted 1年以上前.