Susan: It’s such a lovely and our college is off still we can’t do any fun!

Margret: あなた are right Susan, I don’t understand what happened to professor Belle’s head she’s gone mad, how can anyone give so much of WORK??????? I hate her!

Susan: But she is so sweet with us.

Margret: Susan what happened to you? あなた are calling here sweet! She is damn strict.

(Suddenly ベル rang and Susan goes to open the door she saw Louis there.)

Louis: Hi! Susan and Hey! Margret is also here. That’s awesome.

Margret: Hello! Louis

Susan: Welcome Louis, did あなた want anything?

Louis: Why are あなた asking so? Can’t I come to your house without any reason?

Susan: Yes! あなた can I asked because it’s afternoon and we have so much of assignments left to do had あなた done with your work?

Louis: あなた girls are so boring every time あなた talk about studies. Oh! I forget to say for what I am here. Well I was thinking that we should go for a picnic tour, what do あなた guys think?

Margret: That’s a great plan at least we will get rid of Miss Belle for a few days.

Susan: Well no doubt it’s a great plan but where will we go Louis?

Louis: Haven’t thought yet! I thought あなた are good at this I mean to make decisions.
Margret: I’ll kill あなた Louis! あなた never ever plan anything all the time I have to do the entire thing.

Susan: Don’t fight guys; I think all of us should wait till tomorrow.

(Between this Brutus came waving his tail)

Louis: How are あなた my boy? あなた look exited, Susan now I had to go can I take Brutus for a walk.

Susan: Of course! あなた can.

Margret: Well then I’ll come tomorrow Susan. Bye

Susan: Bye Margret and Louis meet あなた tomorrow.

Louis: Bye! Can we meet tomorrow in the College Cafeteria?

Susan and Margret say together: Great Idea Louis!

Louis: At 10:30 AM. Okay?

Susan and Margret: Okay!