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posted by Chris_Gomez
あなた are the most beautiful person i have ever seen... your nice, sweet,and anything else nice as can be.. i know i dont seem like a nice guy that has a sweet spot but really i do just not so many people see it... but ur ONE of the people who has and of course the people that are 読書 it right now but try to mail me back i would like to be with あなた just make another ファンポップ add me again!<3 i really miss talking to あなた even though it was only for a little while.. i dont think there will ever be a perfect girl for me than あなた i wish あなた knew me for me and not from what im saying now but i want to tell あなた everyday and call あなた and text あなた ALL 日 if i could... あなた would be mostly of my everything but there are some things あなた may wanna know before we do all this... your maybe not gonna like it but i have to tell あなた just add me and mail me または on my ウォール bye <3
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