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アバター the last airbender
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posted by stellamusa101
 " I know alright, I know."
" I know alright, I know."
Katara : Stop it! あなた don't know what's waiting for an evil person like you!
Azula : I know alright, I know. *bends 火災, 火 at Katara*
Katara : *hits a wall* Aahh!
Aang : *runs to Katara* Katara!
Katara : I'm fine, Aang. I'm fine.
Azula : あなた better not mess with me!
Zuko : I guess this means war.
Azula : You're right, Dumb-dumb.
Zuko : あなた better...
Azula : I am.. *bends 火災, 火 to Zuko*
Zuko : *runs* Haarh! *bends 火災, 火 to Azula*
Sokka : Okay, あなた two fight each other, while we just sit down and watch!
Toph : *laughs* You're funny.
Suki : Azula, あなた better---
Ozai : Should I? *bends 火災, 火 to Suki*
Suki : *hits...
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posted by shippo_33
Ursa was about to leave the palace, she couldn't believe what happened, what she had to do to protect Zuko. She was ready to go, leave this madness once and for all… even if she was leaving her children and the 愛 of her life, Ozai.

Ozai just took her hand like he didn't want to let her go. "Ozai, please don't make this harder than it already is." He didn't listen to her, he pulled her close to him and deeply kissed her. As much as she wanted him to stop she couldn't resist, she wanted more.

"Please be mine for one last night." He didn't wait for her to answer him, he took her in his arms...
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posted by Spottedtail139
" Ayla!" Aang started but we both knew that he was the avatar

and he and Katara need to learn Waterbending and I could

teach it to them I was only 10 but I was still taller than Aang I

could pass as a 14 years old." Ok let's start" I 発言しました Frist I

showed them how to pull the water, then I showed them to make

a big wave. Aang wouldn't do the Waterbending skills because

he's a baby and doesn't what Katara to know he's the Avatar.

" Wow thanks Ayla!" Katara 発言しました happy with the skills she had

learned. " Your welcome" I said.

" Gran Gran doesn't know we're out here let's go to the village"

Katara said....
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posted by lord1bobos
there is a comic book called "Love Potion "

によって :
Author: Molly Reisner
Illustrator: Patrick Spaziante

here is some Information:
愛 is in the air -- または rather, in the パンチ -- in the first original アバター story! Aang, Katara, Toph, and Sokka celebrate their first 愛 Feast with their friends, the 歌う nomads, whom they met in Season 2. After drinking a special berry ジュース called 愛 Potion #8, they all start letting their true feelings shine -- even Toph! Of course, when they blame it all on the crazy 愛 potion, they learn that their nomad フレンズ had もっと見る than one trick up their sleeves! Find out the juicy secret in this easy-to-follow, full-color reader.

あなた can read it full for free
posted by NickelodeonLove
The アバター is a powerful being who has been

reincarnated over many lifetimes. It is the

Avatar's duty to master all four elements, and to

use that power to keep balance amongst the four

nations. The Avatars follow a cycle, so when an

Avatar dies the spirit is reborn the 次 nation

in the cycle: It goes Water, Earth, Fire, and

Air. There can only be one アバター at a time. The

Avatar also possesses the ability to meditate

into the Spirit World. They are also able to

contact the spirits of 前 Avatars through

meditation and gain wisdom from them. The アバター

can also enter what is called "the...
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Okay before あなた read let me explain it. I'm adding episodes I made up for season 3, they happened after Southern Raiders but before the Ember Island Players. The episodes are all about Azula and Jet, I really think they should've happened on the 表示する so here あなた go.

In the city of Ba Sing Se, after attempting to kill her brother, Princess Azula payed a visit. As she strolled through the city with her guards, the simple earth kingdom people looked at her in fear. She payed no attention for she was use to being feared によって everyone she's ever met. She arrived at the palace, which was taken over....
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posted by greenstergirl
"I cannot believe this!" katara 発言しました happily as she applied eyshadow to toph's face. "Your actually wearing a white dress, makeup, and a ピンク 花 in your hair!!!"

It was Toph and Aangs wedding day, and Katara (the brides maid) was dressing Toph up, even though toph didn't like it.


"Makeup isn't all bad toph! I wear it all the time even in my kioshi warrior outfit" 発言しました Suki. Suki and Sakaa had benn marriad for 5 years. Now they had a young daughter named Iris, whom was the 花 girl, even though she was only 4. Katara and...
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posted by gwevin12
(The Scean Zuko's bedroom at the palace 7 years arter Sozin's Comit.) It was eight A.M. and Katara and Zuko were just waking up. Katara opened her eyes and looked around Zuko's room taking in the memory of what happened last night. "Good morning" Zuko 発言しました with a yawn. Katara still in his arms looked up and then ripped away from him. " So we did make 愛 last night". Katara said. "Yeah" Zuko 発言しました in a dreamy way leaning to キッス her. Katara pulled away. "Oh no!". Katara 発言しました as she reached for a red ローブ and put it on. "What's wrong?" Zuko asked getting out of ベッド and putting on his robe....
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posted by greenstergirl
"UUUUUUggggghhhh!!!!" screamed katara.

"Aang will あなた go get some rags please?" asked gran gran. "aang? oh, aang? earth to aang?"

"AANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Katara. "I AM GIVING BIRTH TO TWINS AND あなた ARE IN A TRANCE SO ANWSER MY GRANDMOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Ok ok! i was thinking about ways i could commit suicide if あなた died having our children. sorry."

"SAY WHAT?!!!?!!?!!"

"OK i'm going."

Katara and Aang have been married for two years and were having there first children. The good thing was that they were in Ba Sing Sa and that gran gran had come to help. The bad thing?...
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"We're under attack!" Hakoda yelled to the village.
The men readied themselves for the fight. Aang grabbed his staff and ran out of the tent, Katara at his heels, holding Haruki. Aang turned around and stopped Katara.
"You and Haruki have to get out of here." he told her, "Get the old, the sick, and the young out of here on Appa."
"Aang, I won't leave you!" 発言しました Katara.
"I can't fight not knowing if you're safe," 発言しました Aang, hugging his wife and son, "Katara, please."
Katara looked at his eyes, kissed him, then ran off, collecting the children and old in the village. After she got all the children...
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posted by KataraLover
It's a new 日 and they've finally arrived at the Northern Water Tribe.

"Azula look" 発言しました Jet

"What" asked Azula

"It's the northern water tribe" 発言しました Jet

"Oh, I didn't relize we were so close" 発言しました Azula

"Well I guess あなた be at the spirtual oasis today" 発言しました Jet

"well actually" started Azula

"Yeah" 発言しました Jet

"I can't go today I have to go tomorrow at sunset" 発言しました Azula

"Oh so we have a 日 to relax" 発言しました Jet

"Yeah we do" 発言しました Azula

They were welcomed によって the chief they even were very kind to the members from the 火災, 火 nation.

"You in the green beggar outfit" 発言しました Arnook

"Yes your highness" 発言しました Azula

"No need...
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posted by KataraLover
It's been a week Azula is really stressed because she hasn't got any visits from her mother. She's also very angry not just because of Suki being to suspisous but because of Jet, she decided to talk to Katara since she use to 日付 him.

"Hey あなた name is Katara right" asked Azula

"Yes it's Katara" 発言しました Katara

"You use to 日付 Jet right" asked Azula

"Well kinda. How did あなた know?" 発言しました Katara

"Sokka told me" 発言しました Azula

"Oh what a big mouth" 発言しました Katar

"Was Jet always this irritating" asked Azula

"Well, he did almost kill everyone in a village" 発言しました Katara

"Wow if he was 火災, 火 nation we probably would have...
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Okay, nobody's 与えられた me any suggestions as to what I'm supposed to do. But that's okay. I've got some ideas of my own. If あなた like angst, this story is for you.

Tears stung Aang's eyes as blood trickled out of his body. He was dying. もっと見る importantly, he was going to be taken away from his one true love.
"K-katara," he choked, "I'm scared."
"No, Aang...you'll be fine," she said, but her voice was full of worry.
Aang was crying full-force now. "I...I don't think I'm going to make it!" he cried.
"Yes, あなた will," Katara said.
"Katara, I 愛 you..." Aang 発言しました weakly. Then, his eyes closed, and...
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