Chapter five:I get four new bending teachers

Like I said, I fell a sleep again. So another dream came as well.

In this dream, I was sitting on a giant buffalo type thing. It had white, shaggy hair, and blue arrows on it just like Aang. It had a long tail and three toes on each of it's four paws.

As I sat, Aang came to me again, as the same, wise yet childish man.

"Hello Sydney. I see you've met Appa." he said.

I nodded and jumped off. "Aang, why am I having these dreams?" I asked him.

"Because あなた are the new avatar."

"I'M THE WHAT?!?!?!?!?!" I screamed. This couldn't be happening. "Hows that possibal?" I asked. "The last アバター lived a long time ago. There must have been Avatars in between!"

"Actually, no. The reason your country has been into the great depression, World war 1, world war 2, bombing of pearl harbor, the oil spill, and stuff like that was because there has been no アバター on earth to stop these events from happening. We stopped our incarnations to save power and time for someone special in the future."

"You mean me?"

"Yes. During the time in between, us avatars have been preparing, strengthening our selves. あなた must also be wondering why the アバター before you, アバター Joseph, isn't explaining this to you."

"I was. あなた could communicate with the past avatars, but あなた communicated with アバター Roku the most, the one before you."

"Yes. But see, Joseph didn't have proper teachers, because even in his time bending was forbidden. But since I was the most important, most powerful アバター of all, あなた shall communicate with me the most."


"Now, let me proceed. We were preparing because あなた will never have proper teachers on earth that are alive now. See the world is in the greatest need for an avatar, even もっと見る then that the world needed me in my time. That is why we have been preparing, to send me back, along with my family, and Zuko's family to earth as pretend humans, when we will really be spirits. We basically are going to bring the dead back for a couple months. Get it?"


"We will all shall come to earth and teach あなた the elements. See, we had proper learning in the golden time of bending. So My wife, Toph, shall teach あなた earth bending. Katara will teach あなた water bending. And your ancestor, Zuko, shall teach あなた fire. And then I will teach あなた air."

"But I already know 火災, 火 bending!"

"Not all the way. Now this really will happen. This Saturday, I want あなた to tell your family that we are coming to earth as pretend humans. Also, we shall buy homes 次 to あなた so we can pretend to be normal old people moving from China to あなた street. Got it?"

"Um.....okay..... So basically あなた guys are gonna get to live for a little bit again?"


"So I get to meet Zuko!?!?!?!?!?!"


"SWEET!!!" I couldn't believe it. I was gonna actually meet them in person! My parents will be so proud that I'm the avatar!!

"Also, make sure that this Saturday, at exactly 1:00 p.m. あなた are in th living room of your house. We shall appear there."


"Sydney, one もっと見る thing, is that, there is a dark force in your world. It has plans for many dark, evil things."

" Like What?"

"I shall not speak of it. Now please wake. Your surgery is finished."

What I saw 次 was me being wheeled in my hospital chair through the halls. I had a sharp, annoying pain in the back of my head. I tried to sit up, but I became extremely dizzy.

All I could think about was my dream. Was I really the avatar? No wonder I was able to 移動する the boulder! Thats probably why my eyes went blue as well!!

The rest of the week I was sick at home. My mother took care of me. Eli, got suspended from school for a 月 for punching the boy, and he was grounded for a whole other month. Eli also had to pay a fine which was an entire 2-years amount of his allowance. It didn't help either that the boys parents sued us.

At home, Eli and I talked, played lego harry potter on the x box, and watched TV. I had explained the dreams to my parents, and they were really happy for me, but I left out the dark force part. My mother ended up crying tears of happiness, and Zach screamed his head off and called his best friend Riley. (If あなた want to know Riley is from the Bending in the present 記事 によって vlad_todd. Riley's the air bender dude).

Being ホーム all week was great, and によって Friday I could walk and do things without getting dizzy. I hardly noticed my ingury, and I wanted to go to school, but my mom 発言しました no.

Friday night I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned in my neon オレンジ and ピンク bedspread. At 1 a.m. I couldn't take it any more, so I went and watched some TV. What I found on was アバター the last air bender. Out of curiosity, I watched it. It was an episode called "The masters". Zuko and Aang came to a sun temple where they danced with Dragons. I was secretly jealous that I couldn't see the dragons.

Were the ドラゴン still alive? I had never seen a dragon before. I noticed the way Zuko and Aang looked, and the way Zuko acted. He seemed like Darth Vader. Evil.....yet good. And not to mention the cartoon of Zuko was HOT!! The 表示する was extremely addicting, and they made bending so cool. If only the people watching it knew bending was real! And that there was an avatar, ME!!

It seemed like being the アバター was gonna be awesome. There wasn't anything bad in the world I needed to be afraid of. But at the same time, I had a feeling that something was very close to destroying the world, または even the race of humans itself.

Finally, around 5 a.m. I fell asleep, waiting for the moment I would see team アバター in person.