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I feel like TyZula is a bit of a controversial ship, people either 愛 it または they hate it. So I wanted to explain what has me shipping TyZula.

First and foremost is the silly and minor fact that they look good together. Azula and Tylee are quite opposites right down to their looks. Azula is a もっと見る mature, sharper beauty. Where TyLee is has softer, cuter, more-baby like features. And I think that those opposite features really work.

Similarly I think their personalities compliment each other as well. TyLee is very sweet and caring and optimistic. Azula is もっと見る goal-oriented and a realist. For this I think that the two could help each other out and pick make up for what the other lacks. Azula can offer TyLee some protection and defending; no one would screw with her または try to take advantage of her with Azula around. Likewise Azula could make sure TyLee's naive nature doesn't get her hurt. Likewise TyLee can help Azula become a better person. She could probably help her to relax a little as well. Heaven knows Azula needs that. I also feel like TyLee would be one of the most accepting and forgiving people in Azula's life.

I also think that they’d also be a really humorous pair between the ‘sweet sugar cake’ and Azula’s awkwardness.

Not to mention they’ve known each other for a long while and they have a very solid and complex canon relationship. They wouldn't be this cliche boring couple with no problems. They have their demons to work through and that negative history to overcome. Which if they work things out in the future would make for a really awesome 'yeah she has flaws and we fought, but I 愛 her anyways' thing.

Characters themselves aside, the ship has wonderful fanart and fanfics. In general fellow TyZulashippers have been awesome to talk to over on tumblr (tbh most of the アバター fandom is awesome though). In short, hop aboard the S.S TyZula, we have dank memes and actual talent here!

全体, 全体的です I think that they'd just be a very cute and sweet couple. An unconventional one at that.
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