The Great Divide.
I don't care what people say about this episode, I 愛 it. I 愛 the conflict between the two tribes, it's really interesting, especially to see how it dated back long ago, and they've been rivals for a long time. The plot is really interesting. Two tribes who have been enemies for years and years, have to クロス a canyon with no food, and get to the other side without their rivalries getting in the way. Fine, say it's not interesting if あなた want, but I think it is. All the characters are great in this episode. I 愛 how Katara connects with the Jin Wei, and how Sokka connects with the Zhang. It's like a representation of their own rivalries as siblings, just like how it is shown in the beginning, and connects in the middle to where they each talk to the tribes personally. It's interesting to see how Aang is caught in between, it shows how Katara and Sokka are the extremes, (and opposite extremes at that.) and Aang is some of each. Mature but childish, can worry, または be without worries, for example. I really wish this episode was もっと見る loved. It's known as the worst episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender, によって many, and I know some people who say that it is the only bad episode of the show. Well, I can't change things.. Anyways, I really 愛 this episode, and it's in my 上, ページのトップへ 20 Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes. ^^

The Storm.
I absolutely 愛 this episode but it actually really frustrates me when I watch it, mostly because of what Ozai did to Zuko. I 愛 how it explains the backstory of both Zuko and Aang, and how Zuko started to go after the Avatar. I hated it when the airbenders basically shun Aang when they find out that he's the Avatar, and they think that just playing a game would be unfair because Aang's もっと見る powerful than they are. It's awful, it's one of those times when people just can't accept the fact that some people are better then them, and think that things are unfair in every way. I also hate the part where they make Aang go to the other air temple and won't let him do anything fun! You're all probably wondering, if I hate all these parts, why do I 愛 this episode? Because I 愛 seeing the backstory, even if I hate how people treat Aang and Zuko. The part that makes me the most mad is where Ozai scars Zuko. I really can't believe he would do that to his own son, just because he had a disagreement with him! Also, I can't believe Azula was SMILING when it happened! I guess she's always really disliked Zuko, even if that was only a couple years back. Anyways, this is a great episode, and it used to be one of my favorites, but it's not anymore. A lot of parts irritate me, but I still 愛 this episode. It's probably near the bottom of my お気に入り episodes 一覧 though.

The Blue Spirit.
This is one of my least お気に入り episodes, maybe even my least favorite, but I still 愛 it. Anyways, the reason why I don't 愛 it as much as many other Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes.. Is because of the plot. I find it boring, and there's too much going on. The plot in the beginning is too much different from the plot in the end. It's one of those, "okay I have to do this." But then they get sidetracked and something happens type of episodes. Those really irritate me, because the real plot is different from what they are trying to tell you. Not to mention that this episode revolves completely around Aang, no one else. I know that he is the protagonist and all, but I think they should at least focus on other characters. They do focus on other characters like Zuko a little, but they don't get into him very well. In later episodes, they act like Zuko saved Aang because he wanted to save him, yet in the actual episodes, it shows that Zuko really just cares about finding Aang himself. Like I sad, the plot of this episode is pretty unstable, and that can make an episode hard to watch. Not to mention this episode bored me a lot for an Avatar: The Last Airbender episode, usually they interest me a lot more. It's a good episode, I think, but it's definitely not one of the best.

The Fortuneteller.
I 愛 this episode SO MUCH! It's actually in my 上, ページのトップへ 5 Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes! It's hilarious, but it's just a great episode in general as well. I 愛 the characters in this episode. I really like how it portrays Sokka in this episode, most people seem to think he's some sort of idiot who doesn't know anything, but it appears he has もっと見る common sense then Katara, I give him credit for that. I 愛 how this episode is interesting, has action, has humor, and revolves around the romance between Katara and Aang at the same time. アバター has always specialized at being able to include multiple elements of a TV series in one episode. I like how Aang tries a different approach to Katara, 表示中 how dedicated he is to her. I 愛 how Sokka tries to put some sense into people about the fortune telling but nobody will listen to him, and I just like Katara in general in this episode. Overall, I think it is a fantastic episode, and it is definitely one of my favorites!

Bato of the Water Tribe.
I don't know why, but I really don't have much to say about this episode, I like it and all, but, I don't know.. Anyways, I'll try to give a 説明 for it. I really like this episode, but the basic plot of it? Not exactly a fan. I find it pretty bland and boring, myself. I didn't really like the character of Bato at all, there wasn't really that much to him and I found him to be pretty boring myself. I like the characters alright in this episode, but they're just their same old selves, except for Aang. Aang really seems to be jealous that Katara and Sokka have family and friends, when all of Aang's were wiped away. Even though I haven't experienced what Aang has directly, I can see where he is coming from. Anyways, I really like this episode, but there isn't all that much to it, I personally think. Well, my 説明 for it was actually longer then I thought it would be. :3.