Yue stared at the note in complete confusion and horror. What kind of sick joke was this? What kind of awful person would pretend to be her brother? Hon was dead, even if she did hate to admit it. The proof was almost as good as seeing it with her own eyes. Though curiousity pricked through her parka. Without hesitiation, she tore open the envelope and held up the letter to the light burning in through the large window. It read:
Dear Yue,
I heard what happened and I am very concerned. もっと見る like, もっと見る concerned. Please feel better.

Yue was even もっと見る doubtful when she finished 読書 it. It didnt sound like Hon at all. It just didnt! Angry, Yue sat up and grabbed the goodies and letters written によって her people and Authorities. Then, she marched though the dim hallway to her bedroom. As she passed Zuko's room, she didnt even stop to say hello but kept walking. She was too confused to talk with him. He would mix her up even more! Once in her room, she locked the door behind and fell onto her warm-ish bed. Kaya lay on the end of the ベッド sleeping without a worry. She wished she could be a artic 狐, フォックス for the first time in her life; ever! Another problem was Zuko. She cared about him alot; there was no doubt. But that boy, with the burn and burnt clothes scared her. Zuko was the only firebender she knew of other than herself, who could waterbend and shoot blue 火災, 火 from her finger tips. Now she realized, who honestly cared about a prankster who sent her a letter pretending to be her brother. Her people needed her. She had to be on her game! Lately, her mind was spinning and caused t=her to be so reckless. Now, she needed her people just as her people needed her and she would give her life for them.