Anne Boleyn {The Tudors} My Favourite Anne Scenes In Season 2; Favourite?

Pick one:
2x01; "You can't have three people in a marriage, why can't あなた see that?"
2x02; "I want to present あなた formally to the King of France. Both as my future..
2x02; "Here is a book of prophecy."
2x02; "His majesty, the King and the Lady Anne Boleyn, Marquess of Pembroke."
2x03; "I do solemnly crown あなた クイーン of England."
2x04; "In any case, I have something for you."
2x04; "I 愛 あなた Elizabeth. I 愛 あなた with all my ハート, 心 and I bid あなた never...
2x04; "I recognize no クイーン but my mother."
2x05; "This is all I know of Mary: that she is my death and I am hers."
2x06; "She is a bastard. And あなた are not my wife."
2x07; "As long as they're both alive, I can't be safe.
2x07; "As long as they're alive, I can't conceive a son."
2x07; "He fell in 愛 with me, he respected me. And my opinions."
2x09; "Why are あなた doing this? Why did あなた have to do this?"
2x09; "Because the 愛 I くま, クマ あなた is so great, it broke my ハート, 心 to see you...
2x09; "Do あなた assume I no longer possess the power to crush you? It would be an..
2x09; "Your majesty. Your majesty, I beseech you."
2x09; "I am the King's true wedded wife. I'm not guilty of these charges."
2x09; "These bloody days have broken my heart."
2x10; "And in any case, I have only a little neck."
2x10; "Thus I take my leave of the world, and of you."
 KathyHalliwell posted 1年以上前
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