Is there a ファンポップ club for Kuudere? If not, would あなた 登録する if I make one?

My two favourite types of アニメ characters are traps and Kuudere

like Nagato (TMOHS), Karuta (IXBSS), Kanna (InuYasha), Anya (Code Geass), etc. etc

so I was thinking if I make a club/spot for Kuudere characters, would あなた join?

または is there already a club for that? I can't find it, but then and again, I suck at searches O.o
 Gigglepud posted 1年以上前
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bubblegum_kiss said:
theres not one and i personally would not 登録する cause i cant stand characters like that.
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posted 1年以上前 
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